The pain is there and the tears are flowing

  1. Mars 2020

My dear friends.

Usually I do write something positive and I try to be optimistic and spread love and light around me.
I am human and sometimes life is difficult and the lessons are painful.

This morning I decided to tell you a bit about the pain I am going through now. You see, I think it makes me more human and true, to tell you when I feel like my life has stopped.

I cannot tell what is wrong, I can only tell you that I am in mental pain and my heart is broken now. I will survive, I am strong, but now I need to cry and feel the pain in every fibre in my body.
We, who write a lot sometimes forget that it is ok to feel like a human being and share the pain we are feeling,.

I am grateful for the support I have got this morning. I am grateful for the thoughts and good wishes. I am also grateful for the lesson I am learning through this pain. Gratitude is a powerful feeling.
The terrible pain came as a surprise to me and told me something new about myself. I am grateful for that.

My dear friends, my way to find solutions in a difficult situation is to sit down at my computer and write and pour all the feelings and tears into the keyboard. I have done this several times through my live and it works all the time.

What goes into my keyboard stays there and I don´t look at it again. Many years ago I did this by writing by hand and then throwing the paper away. I find it easier now to use the computer and then deleting what I don´t want to keep in my computer is an easy way.

We all have something to deal with.

We all need a friend when we are in pain.

I am lucky, I feel the love and support from you, my friends and I thank you for that.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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