My gym is wonderful, hard work pays off

2nd of March 2020


I am so happy with my wonderful gym.

I am so grateful to my friend João Henrique whom I met in Intermarché Condeixa and he told me to go over to the new building where the gym is and talk to the people there. He called them and told them I was coming. After shopping I went over and the best decision ever, was made on the spot.

When I came there in November 2018 they showed me nothing but compassion and support. When I could not attend last year for several months because of my health they showed me support and compassion. Every step of the way during this time they have been there for me. Everyone of them. The boss, the trainers, the wonderful girls that take care of the office work, they were all there for me when I needed them. The wonderful cleaners smiles have warmed my heart again and again.

In the beginning I told them what I wanted and what I did not want. They respected my wishes in every way.

Today I got results that showed me that my work, which has sometimes been quite difficult, is paying off.

I am grateful for the patience the staff showed me and they did not push me to get a personal trainer. They just were there when I needed them.

To you all my friends at Adhoc Gym I say thank you. Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your patience. Now I have got a personal trainer that helps me not just with the exercises, he also, as well as all the others, helps me with my Portuguese.

This morning I got results that I did not expect. This morning I got the greatest gift anyone can wish for. My health is getting better. Thank you and a big kiss to you all. See you tomorrow.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Now I have got a personal trainer and it makes everything easier. Before I had to think about what to do next. Now I just do the exercises my trainer tells me to do. He does push me to the limit but never over it. He explains to me why we do the work we are doing each day. He knows my limits and together we make sure I don´t damage anything. If you are thinking about your health and if you can afford to spend money on your fitness I urge you to do it. Do you smoke? If you do, how much do you spend on smoking? Could you use that money to build your health instead of ruining it? It is always a choice! A big hug to you my reader and think for a while about your priorities. /yours truly/ Hulda

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