We want our entire savings !

8th of January 2020

Good morning

I did write something about what is happening in Iceland these days and want to share with you too, my English reading followers .

The people in Iceland, those who are 67 years or older have through their working life put aside 4 percent of their income in a fund that was supposed to help them when they became senior citizens .

Through the years the government has used part of these savings to subsidise the payments from the public system which everyone living and working in Iceland has a right to get money from. We have all paid taxes and some of the taxes have been used for this purpose! Makes sense?

Now, these days, there is a legal action on its way to try to get the money from the savings without deduction when people become senior citizens.

There has been talk and more talk about the situation for many years but nothing has been done until now. Now there is an action instead of talking taking place.

This will cost a lot and what I was writing about in Icelandic before addressed how we could help with a small contribution every month. Just a suggestion! I hope the Icelandic people will participate and when the courts decide the government and the previous governments have stolen our savings it will be a bonus for everyone. Not just for us that are now 67 or more, it will also be a bonus and justice for those who are younger now!

I am not sure how long this will take, but I am sure it will take a long time, maybe years but the truth is that we can not give up and I am grateful to those who have lead the case and made hope appear to our situation.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

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