Just a thought – 4th of january 2020

  1. January 2020

Yesterday was a busy day in my life and I left home early in the morning while the sun was shining, which it did the whole day.

Just a wonderful day.

I went to the Camera and Condeixa and Coimbra and Avelar. This beautiful flower came home with me. I don´t care if the holidays are over. She is beautiful.

I got a lot of happy New Year’s wishes and realised that here in my little land we don´t just say Happy New Year. We add Good health!

I like that. It’s sweet and more meaningful than just the endless New Year in way meaningless wishes.

A simple greeting that you don´t take too much notice of and sometimes you think it is just for you but turns out to be for everyone. That was what I realised yesterday.


After lots of hugs and kisses I went from Coimbra to Pingo Doce where I usually do my shopping and there I got a wonderful cookbook as a gift, a Portuguese one of course.

Nine years ago when I moved to my little land the food was full of salt and sugar. The brits, many of them got high blood pressure and god knows what. I had to eat in restaurants for 2 months and it was not good. Now the younger generation is changing the cooking habits and that is obvious in my new Portuguese cookbook. Less sugar and less salt and healthier cooking, not as sometimes happens that the vegetables are killed by overcooking them. I am very happy about my little lands turn!

The roses are in my car and need to be moved to “my” garden! I might do something about it later today but now I am a bit tired so we will see.

Did you know that it’s possible to make hummus from everything; it does not have to include chick peas.

I’m making red hummus and avocado is another possibility. Then I even realised that hummus can be frozen!

The reason I am making this read hummus is my health. I need more iron and it is boring to eat betroths always just cooked. It’s more exciting to have them in a beautiful sesame hummus with veggies and whatever.

Then I saw in my new wonderful Portuguese cookbook how to cook the ugly one. I have no idea what it is called. It looks at me every time I buy fish and tells me to take a peace with me! Ugh! But maybe I will now try!

Some interesting codfish dishes are also in the book. You know that I don´t like codfish but that might change, we never know.

Anyway, the sun is shining again today and it is cold as yesterday, even a bit colder but who cares. I need to go out, take a walk and get some fresh air into my lungs.

My floors are freezing, the madman downstairs does not heat up the apartment and now I have put 3 carpets but need more to cover the whole floor in the living room. It has to wait. I don´t have any more! BRRRRRRR. Although I think those already covering are making a difference!

My Santas are going into hiding until next Christmas but the Santas in my friends flower shop were laughing and having fun yesterday, happy about few more days in their lives and then they will go to the mountains and come back next December. Everything normal there and they might begin to make presents for next Christmas, we never know what they are up to during the coming months.

I hope your day will be fine.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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