Just a thought – The second day of January 2020

2nd of January 2020

A beautiful year has arrived and now is the second day.

Im confused and think there is a Monday today. How many Mondays have there been these last days is a question I ask myself again and again!

Next Monday will be normal and I can relax.

I was a bit anxious to see the gas bill  for December and now it has arrived. Not too bad. 245 euros is very good. I am sure the gas price is lover with the new company and nothing but happiness from me!

Today is another grey day here in Penela. The sun shone in the morning but now it is cloudy and strange although not raining. It was horrible cold during the night and my Chinese friend is dead so now I have to buy a new one to keep me warm during the nights!

My grill pan is also lost or dead.

I realised this morning that I expect everything to last forever, but it does not. So, a new grill pan is a must because most of my food is prepared on the grill.

I also noticed that the plate I was using for my lunch is broken!. That is ok, I have been wanting to change and have something extremely beautiful for my lunch and dinner and now I can begin to look. It will take time to find something that will last for 10 years but I will get there.

Tomorrow is also a rose expedition. I want to plant some roses in pots in my beautiful pot garden downstairs. I know where to get the roses and will visit my friends in Pascoal tomorrow.

Singing is also on the schedule and Casta Diva is exciting but rather difficult but I will get there. I believe that singing is perfect for your health. It lifts up the spirit and it is kind of like a mental exercise.  Many hurdles I have climbed with the help of my singing teachers and many more hurdles will be concurred during the next years.

This year I am going to travel more than last one. I need to go to Porto and get some sild from Ikea. I have been thinking about where to spend the next Christmas and might travel abroad if possible but there is no plan yet. I have not visited Denmark and  that might be interesting. It all depends on my heart condition but dreaming is ok!


this was my new years contemplation on the second day of the beautiful 2020.


I looked at my calendar this morning and thought it had to be replaced. A couple of hours later the postman knocked at my door bringing a beautiful Icelandic one. Its wonderfully beautiful and now it will get up on one of my walls just like a perfect decoration. Friends are precious.

I hope your day will be ok and you might enjoy some surprises during this day.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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