Empty fridges on a Christmas day

26 December 2019

Good morning

11 degrees at the moment in my little village but will go up few degrees if the sun shines

The stories on Facebook these days are about food, a lot of food

It’s of course Christmas and after the eating, overeating people need to go to the gym in January to get fit again!

All this is wonderful but there is another side of every coin

Today the leftovers fill up many fridges and that is wonderful

But the other side looks different

In several homes there are almost empty fridges

Those empty ones have perhaps looked like the one in my pictures today for a long time, not just during Christmas

The fruits are gone, an apple left and 4 days until more can be bought
Why am I talking about this?

Because this is the reality for many and they don’t put pictures of emptiness on their Facebook

They suffer in silence. They don´t show you the apple and orange that is left. They don´t show you the coins that they have.

It’s not a good feeling to think about them

Could it be why we don’t talk about them these Christmases?

I don’t know but today I want my thoughts be with those silent groups.

Hugs to everyone

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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