Dying while having sex with a prostitute

15th of December 2019

When I came to Portugal many years ago I did not understand why all these women were counting the cars that drove by!

Later I learned who they are!
Some of the prostitutes that stood by the road I drive when going to Condeixa are not there anymore but new ones have arrived. Its sad to see them but what do you do if you have no other way to take care of your families needs? There is no work and the desperation takes over.
News like this are not often in the papers and I have never seen an article about the killing of a prostitute, but sometimes that happens.
A sad reality!

“A 59-year-old man lost his life during the afternoon of Thursday after suffering a heart attack while having sex with a prostitute.

The place where the attack took place, a hill zone in the Serra de Campo in Lousada, is known to be a resort area for this type of activity.

According to the woman, the man was in the act of sexual intercourse, when he suffered a massive heart attack.

Realising that the man was not well, the woman herself went to seek help and stopped a car, which alerted the Lousada Volunteer Firefighters.

A Vale do Sousa Emergency and Resuscitation Medical Vehicle and the Fire Department moved to the scene, but could do nothing to save the man, and death was declared at the scene.”

A sad end of ones live but at least a brave woman tried her best.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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