Vegan or not vegan!

14. desember 2019

I sometimes wonder why many of those who are vegan, i.e. don´t eat meat, are so angry with us who are not vegan.

Some vegans are tolerant and put up with us who are not, of course there are different individuals in every cult!

I know vegans and they don´t care what I eat. Of course I don´t eat all meat. I don´t like red meat but that has nothing to do with vegan. Because of my health I can only eat turkey and fish but by no means am I vegan.

I have a fur coat, more than one by the way, and god help me if I dare to show me among people if I decide its too cold and my fur coat is a must.  The vegans get mad, furious and tell me what a horrible person I am daring to use this coat made from animal skin!  I also have a scarf made of skin and I love it, its light, warm and wonderful. I even dared to eat meat when I was younger and perhaps that made me the horrible person I am today, or did it?

Now its Christmas or almost Christmas. In a village or a small town in Iceland a horse owner decided to offer a ride in her carriage around the “Christmas village” which is in the centre of the town.

There is a vegan shop as far as I understand in the centre where the carriage would pass through and hell broke loose. Of course I don´t know this first hand because I am not in the country but this is what they have been writing in the biggest newspaper and they don´t tell anything but the truth!

So those 2 photos are from the newspaper Morgunblaðið and they will most likely sue me now for using the photos without their permission. We have to wait and see.

Beautiful carriage, and beautiful horses, don´t you think. And I know for sure that the owner of the horses treats them with dignity and feeds them well and takes care of them like they were her children.

When I saw the vegan demonstration or objections it crossed my mind what the British vegans do when their queen is in her beautiful carriage and the wonderful horses are the ones who make it move! It must be a horrible crime the queen is guilty of, every year!


my point is this.

If the vegans who are angry and condemn us who are not, did take a time and look closely at everything they use, they might find some things that are made one way or another from animals. Perhaps it would be a good idea to investigate.

I am also wondering if the herbs, the veggies, the beans, and all the other vegan food does perhaps get fertilisation from animals and if so might that be a crime? Just saying.

Please leave us sinners, who eat meat and it  makes us happy and content, alone.

You vegans can eat your vegan food. We the sinners mix vegan and not vegan. There is a balance in ours, the sinners, food. We get all the vitamins we need from the mixture and don´t have to take supplements to be healthy. We are just healthy!

Is it possible that some vegans drink milk from the cows? No, that is absurd. How can I be so ill natured!

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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