Corruption in Iceland – Really ?

14. november 2019
Good morning my friends
Bom dia
Góðan daginn
Today I´m thinking about China and my years there.
This wonderful blanket kept me warm during the cold winters
Now I have of course different ones here in Portugal but they are made of cashmere and are warm and beautiful.


I often think about my time in China, my friends, my students and my neighbours and many more.
I had to leave because I was not willing to pay bribes!
Imagine, yesterday there was a discussion in Iceland about companies bribing and everyone was VÁ!
Bribing is common.
We just don´t want to see it and those who participate do not talk about it, of course!
Had I been willing to bribe some people in China I could still be there teaching just like a young person! There are foreign teachers in China almost eighty years old. Why? How? They do CONTRIBUTE to someone!
Bribes are of course corruption and they should not be the norm. They are unfortunately in many countries..
While we are disgusted, which I definitely am about the case that is in the public domain now in Iceland, I just want to remind you:
Bribes are common, they are around your corner, you just don´t know.
To the Icelandic people who read this I have a question: Do you think the companies that are doing well in China might be paying some extra CONTRIBUTIONS ?
So, what will happen in Iceland after the shouting and screaming yesterday about SAMHERJA? Will something be done, will someone have to resign and take responsibility?
I don´t think so.
There was a time, not that many years ago, that some people in high positions, even ministers, that participated in so called PANAMA corruption!
Where are those who took responsibility for that, which was corruption at its best? Did someone take responsibility? Anyone?  Oh, remind me please: Who is finance minister in Iceland these days? I’m just asking.
I hope you open your eyes if you live in Iceland. I hope you don´t just turn the other way and shrug your shoulders. Today and yesterday you are shouting and screaming. Please continue to shout and scream until those responsible for the disaster and the shame that has been once more brought to the beautiful island that could be clean and loving for everyone, both those who are elderly and those who are not able to take care of them selves for some reason or another.
I wish all my friends a good morning and a good day.
Wherever you live in the world, try to make this day MORE!
With lots of love and light I send you hugs and kisses around the globe and hope to see you one day, somewhere, healthy and happy.
Hulda Björnsdóttir

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I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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