Cleaning is so boooooooring!

8th of september 2019

Some days ago I promised to write in English. Here I am fulfilling my promise.

My friends know that I don´t like cleaning.

Cleaning is absolutely useless. You clean the floors and they are shining. The next day the glow is gone, they are quickly going into normal mode, which is not gloving!

Since I am obedient and would expect my mother to tell me to clean I do, even though so booooooring.

Yesterday I decided to make an effort and at least full fill my duty in one corner of my kitchen.

This corner is not too big; of course the kitchen is not huge! So it should not take thaaaaaat long, I told myself.

So there I was, armed with 2 cloths, dish wash soap and water. That’s all you need and I have known for a long time that dish wash soap is the best to clean if you want your walls and everything to shine, makes perfect sense to me.


Here you see the first part. Not a big one but at least a tiny spot finished and to my surprise there is a difference!

Since there was a difference maybe I should continue and see what happens, and that I did, although not too excited until I opened the window.

The kitchen is the only room in my apartment that has window. All the other rooms have sliding glass doors!

I cleaned the inside of the window and decided to open it and clean the shelf outside, at least half of it. Beautiful warm pleasant weather and when opening a huge spider came sailing down and thought she was being invited inside! She has been living in the corner outside and I have left her alone. She makes her web and takes care of other insects and flies I don´t want in my flowers, and of course she is welcome to make her home outside but inside not! We did fight a little bit, just a bit and I won. She glided fast, like an I don’t know what, down and there she is somewhere outside my kitchen or maybe she has mowed up again. I have not figured that out, not yet. Of course I have only cleaned the window inside and the outside will get soap and water soooooooon!

Well, after the tiny part, the corner and the inside of the window the floor was screaming at me. Yes it’s the truth, screaming: You have to clean me, you cannot leave me out!

I looked at the floor and thought about the salt water I have been throwing at the tree in the garden trying to kill it and hoping for rain so it can help with the execution. The salt water was waiting in the bucket I use for cleaning my floor so I needed to empty the bucket. All the salt had melted and no neighbours in my condominium, just the one opposite who is always home, but I had to get my bucket empty and threw the water into the garden beneath, bathing the upper part of the tree and hoping for death!

This is madness, I know that but who said I was not a bit bad on and off?



The mats dusted, the floor cleaned with floor soap and everything.

What happened? Well, my floor shone! It was worth it, but now the clock was almost midday and I had not eaten anything since breakfast. Starving was not my intention even though I have got one extra kilo to loose, a really stubborn one.



And there I stood looking at my tiles in the corner of my little kitchen and they shone. They literally shone and I saw the balcony doors, just like in a mirror



Was it worth it?

Was the booooooooring cleaning worth the while?

Well, this morning it was. Of course I have to continue and take another corner and make it shine but that is a task for another day and another story.

I’m a bit worried about the spider and truly, honestly hope I did not kill her. She was so big and so beautiful and perhaps she has been living with me for many years, what do I know? When I saw her come gliding down I thought about my friend who hates spiders. I can’t understand that. They are artists at every account. Their webs are amazing and pure art.

I do sometimes complain about lack of art here in Portugal and there it is just outside my window in all its glory!

Have a great day my friends and enjoy what is in the closest environment. You never know when it’s gone.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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