Feira do mel in Espinahl 2019

  1. September 2019
  2.  This is a total draft, he he he
  3. today is the day! The celebration of the honey in Espinahl.
  4. Celebrations of all kinds are common here in my little land. The honey, the nuts, the saints and it goes on and on and on. Portugal reminds me of China, every single opportunity to celebrate is used and the markets here in Portugal are of course different from China. But the feeling is similar.

In the afternoon I will go and have a look. Take some pictures and send with text.

The weather is fine, not too hot and I’m ready.

The story comes, just be patient and wait!

Have a wonderful Sunday and see you soon

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Author: hulda9

I do blog about different matters that interest me. By reading my blogs you might get to know me a little bit but fake accounts and followers will be deleted immediately. There is a lot of fake accounts these days and people don´t hesitated to tell you all kinds of lies. Please be careful when you accept a friend request or if you get a call from Whatsap.

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