A healthy dish made in Portugal

19th of January

My Icelandic friends

This is a story about my understanding that sometimes is quite strange!

A Portuguese friend of mine posted this in the morning. I was happy, this is healthy food I thought.


As you know I don’t like Portuguese food very much, but I admit that the younger generation is changing the cooking habits and they don´t kill the broccoli or the rice, and the salt and sugar are less than when I moved here 8 years ago.

So, I saw the picture of my friends dish and immediately I recognised the cashews and the fresh feta!

It did not cross my mind, not at all, that the white pieces could be anything but feta!

Here in Portugal we have fresh cheese and it is popular. I don´t eat it and I definitely don’t like it.

When the recipe came from Carla I saw, of course, that the white was fresh cheese.

This is just an example of different culture and different habits. When I find a goat fresh cheese I might try it, but until then, no.

The recipe is like this:

2 tomates, – 2 tomatoes – 2 tómatar

uma maçã, – one apple – eitt epli

1 queijo fresco.- One fresh cheese – einn ferskur ostur

Nozes,- nuts – hnetur

pevides e caju.- Seeds and cashew- fræ og cashjú hnetur

Temperado com sal, azeite, vinagre e oregãos – salt, winagre, oil and oregano – kryddað með salti, olíu, ediki og oregano

Podia adicionar ainda frango ou atum – possible to add chicken or tuna – hægt að bæta við t.d. kjúklingi eða túnfiski (t.d. úr dós)

Wonderful and you just enjoy.

So, what I learned this morning is that if it is white and looks like feta it is most likely fresh cheese.

Enjoy and try this wonderful beautiful dish.

Thank you Carla for sharing.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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