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5th of September 2018

After a long difficult summer the autumn is here and a cold breeze embraces me during the morning walk. Wonderful!

I have figured out that the heat is not good for my heart condition and now I am a bit more optimistic than few days ago. The morning walk this morning was easier than few days ago.

Next week I have an appointment with my family doctor, the new one, which I thought was so good, and he is compared to the one I had before.

When I went to the health centre last time I could not talk and they sent me home with a prescription for IBUPROFEN!

IBUPROFEN is something I am never supposed to eat because of my heart and stomach.

No, that was what I got when I asked for antibiotics!


I did send a letter to the doctor and complained.

I never got a reply.

Now I have an appointment next week.

So, do I say something or do I just pretend everything is fine?

I have not decided.

My heart surgeon asked me, some months ago, to find a private family doctor.

I have not found anyone, yet. It is difficult to find good ones but they are somewhere.

At the end of the month I have an appointment with my dr Margarida at the hospital. She is the one who has taken care of my bones during my time here in Portugal. She is thorough and good.

Already I know the results of my bone scan but not of the other tests I always have before I see her.

I have to tell her that my family doctor did not want to have my blood level checked. I asked him. She wanted me to have results every 3rd month. Will I be sent to the urgency this time? I really hope not, but I must find a good doctor to take care of my overall health, it will be expensive but I don´t care. My health needs it. I need it. I want to be a healthy 90 years old and then go to my fathers! Not too much ask, I think.

Anyway, Singing keeps me alive.

If I did not have my singing lessons I would die.

I tried a new gym a month ago, one that is really close to my home, but it is disgusting. Everything is dirty and there are just few machines. I paid just one month, did not get a receipt but that’s fine. I am not going there again. I went in the morning and guess what. The only other customer was a British man. As you know I don´t like the British men. There he was sweaty and disgusting, like a king in his palace. UGHHHHH. The Portuguese usually go to gyms in the evening and this one was open 3 mornings. The first time I came there was a Portuguese one, but that was an exception, he came that morning because he would be busy in the afternoon, and I was stuck with the horrible one.

When I am ready, again, to go to a gym I will be in Fit and Fun in Coimbra. It takes a long time to get there but it is perfect and worth it.

Until then I will walk every morning and I am gaining strength. I can do some exercises at home and a DVD helps. Just to make the most of what I have got.

Last weekend I had to carry 3 kilos in my rug sack from the centre of the village to my home, on foot.

It was difficult, but it showed me that carrying one kilo or even just a half one in my rug sack during my morning walk might strengthen my back and also my cardio. So simple and does not cost anything.

There are quick solutions everywhere. You can take pills and lose weight, you can take pills and become beautiful, you can take pills and get really healthy. Creams to make you lose weight, which would be something. If you read the small print there is always a catch. You might have to do exercises! To help the cream to work, or the pills! Miracles are everywhere.

Maybe the only miracle is to live a healthy live, eat properly, not too much, not to smoke and all in all just be moderate.

I see people with their bellies like 9 months pregnant. How can they do this to themselves? It’s so sad.

Now I am preaching, once again!

So just to shut me up I will finish my writing today and I need to make lunch, tuna fish on the grill with some green veggies and more colourful something, just to make me happy when I look at the food.

I hope your day will be fine and wish my readers all the best.

My writing has slowed down, simply because I am struggling with my health. One day I will be back every day, but this is it for now.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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