Portuguese SAGAS – My morning walk in Penela 22. September 2018

22. September 2018

Every morning I try to take a walk and be around for at least half an hour. This morning it took a long time. It was Saturday and not many people around, as usually, but some.

While walking through the village I was contemplating on how much has changed these almost 8 years since I came to Penela.


I visited the bombeiros this morning. It was early and they had the meeting outside with the summer people. It reminded me of my dear China and the meeting we had in the morning in the school. The bombeiros have to hire more people during the summer, because of the fires. These were mostly young men, very young men. I do donate every month to my bombeiros, they need the money and the government does not take care of them. I just wish more of the foreigners living in the land would donate more than they do. They can afford to do it, it is just a question of what you want to spend your money on. Less vine and there it is, or even less eating out and partying.

The 1st picture is of the road that leads to the bombeiros, the second one is at the entrance, the 3rd is the main building and the 4th is where you drive into the station. Bombeiros Voluntaries Penela -BVP


On my way through the village this morning I took some pictures of houses and doors and even a wall that is open.

I enjoy the decoration on the old houses. Many of them are really beautiful, even though everything is falling apart and I wonder how this house manages to survive wind and rain. What about the people who lived here many years ago? Who were they? How big was the family? Were they farmers? Were they poor or rich? Did they struggle? Were they happy? So many questions that have not been answered.


Can you now believe me when I complain about the bricks used for building here in my land? They don’t keep much cold outside during the winter, but my countrymen have found a solution. Wrapping the new buildings in Styrofoam is the trend, 10 cm and then a tiny layer of concrete. Very strange but this is supposed to be the wonderful insulation. It will be interesting to see how it goes, there is one house like this being built in my road and convenient for a curios one like me to follow the process.


The main road was full of life 7 years ago and the cars drove both ways. One day the road was changed. One way, and everything became different. Not as many policemen around the road and the shops slowly gave up, one by one.

This morning was a sunny, cold morning.

The beautiful flowers are still there and this one is close to the bombeiros.

There are always some new things to notice in the morning.

The shop in the photo above is one of those who have survived. In this little one you can buy anything and everything. You can even get photocopies there. An elderly lady runs the shop and during the weekdays there is all kinds of stuff outside waiting for you to get inside and have a look and perhaps buy something.  Maybe the oldest one at the main road but still going strong. I have not been in there for a long time, but I should.


Next weekend there will be a fiesta in the little village and perhaps many people. The preparation has already begun.

The stalls are already there but nothing in them, just emptiness.

Next weekend the stalls will be full of all kinds of goods, cheese, handicrafts, vine, cosmetics and many more. Maybe there will also be tractors and heave equipment for the farmers.

When there is a fiesta in villages here in my little land there are lights everywhere. Usually there is a decoration at the entrance to the village and some more around.

This morning it was just the one that leads downtown which was up. The entrance to the village will be decorated next Friday, I think.

Most likely there won’t be much sleep in my house next weekend, when the circus shouts all over the village far into the night and the music will be more than loud. That’s how it is every year, when this fiesta arrives.


There are ruins everywhere, even inside the village. As you can see the electric vires are low and they are even sometimes, quite often, put among the trees so when there is a fire electricity, phones and everything collapses.

Sometimes the steps up to the houses are tiny and I wonder how the people managed to get upstairs. So much to think about and so much to remember.

Well, my morning walk is over and tomorrow is another day when I might find something else that captures my eyes.

Hulda Björnsdóttir




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