Why am I writing in Icelandic and not English?

These days I write sometimes here and it is mostly in Icelandic.

To my foreign friends and followers I apologize.

I have been in a rather poor health this year and the summer holiday in May which was supposed to be uplifting broke me.

I came home after 2 weeks of the holiday with a back almost broken and pain all over after sleeping in a bed that is not for delicate bodies. I left the “hotel” and have not heard a word of apologise from those who work there or the owners. That is fine but little people become tiny sometimes, you just have to open your eyes and realise when you are being used.

My health is downhill. There are new problems and I am not too optimistic. I had some tests last Friday and the results came on Monday. They were devastating, that is the only word I can use.

Well, I have had 73 years of life, sometimes hard and sometimes easy. I have learned my lesson and ready to go when the power calls. That is not a problem.

I have so much to be grateful for.

Wonderful friends, who have supported me through thick and thin and carried me on their shoulders when I was falling apart, are precious.

Some days ago I got a call from my gym. They wanted to know why I had not come for a while. Wonderful and so heart warming.  They told me just to come for a visit and to get a hug and a kiss. These are people I appreciate, just as so many others.

I was thinking about a friend who I have not heard from for some time, he has been busy with his children and family. I sat at my computer and there he was, waiting to talk to me. We had a long chat and the love and appreciation we have for each other shone.

The last 2 months I have been able to take walks around my little village and sometimes I see some people, people that I have not seen for a while. Everyone is wonderful and welcoming and happy to see me around.

I am blessed.

At the moment the autumn is slowly trying to settle down in my little village. When I look out and see the beautiful mountain opposite and the clear sky, which is slowly getting into night mode I feel happiness in my heart.

I don´t know if I will write in English tomorrow but I ask you to forgive me if I don’t. My energy is limited for the time being but don´t worry. I am always ok.

I have been thinking about all the changes in my little village these last 7 years and have some photos which I want to use and tell the story. That is for another day. Soon.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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