Why ?

13th of August 2018

It is August.

I hate this month.

Every day, and even often per day, I see either on the news or in the papers that someone has died in a car accident. Why is this always like that in August? Why?

This morning close to my home a woman lost her life and others are injured. There was collision between 2 cars, one truck and the other one a car perhaps with a family on their way either to the beach or just somewhere on holiday.


Yesterday 2 young boys lost their lives on the way on the road to a beach. More people injured there.

Every day!

It is a holiday month. Everyone should be happy and enjoying their lives, not losing their lives.

The schools begin next month.

How many children will not be there?


It makes me so sad and frustrated when I think about the senseless driving.

Why do people use their phones or tablets while driving?

Why do people speed drive?

Why do people drive their cars after drinking?

Why do we have to lose all these people in the traffic during the summer months here in my little country?


I don´t know why, what I know is that when I go somewhere during these months I thank god every time I arrive home safely. The traffic is horrendous.

The truck drivers have to think again before they start playing their computer games.

We have to stop using mobile phones while driving. If my phone rings while I am driving I stop and take the call, I don´t talk on the phone while I drive.


If you don´t care about your live, think about the others. You are not alone in the world or on the road. There are innocent people all around you. Leave them alone and allow them to continue their lives without you interfering with reckless driving.

I´m posting these photos in the hope that it might make you think twice before you use your phone, your tablet and if you have been drinking.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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