Just a thought on a Wednesday

  1. July 2018

The summer here in Portugal has been cold.

There have been days with no sunshine and feeling like a cold spring day.

The upside of this is that we don´t have many fires on the mainland so far.

Today is a cloudy cold day here in Penela, which is nothing new this summer.

I hope the fires in Sweden wont spread too far but everyone has to be prepared if the wind takes off and spreads the flames.

If we are not used to the fires we think everything is so far away that we are ok. Just be careful and make sure you have got enough water close to your house.

I saw that there have been heavy rains in Fuzhou.

When I think about it, the Chinese government did me a favour when not granting me permanent residence.

The main reason is that had I lived in China now I would not have gotten my pension from Iceland.

The rules are ridiculous and if I live outside EU and not in US or Canada I would not get my pension.

So living in Portugal, not in the beginning, by choice, is a blessing. Here I get my pension from Iceland and pay my taxes to the Portuguese society. I do sometimes think about what happens if I get old and need help with the paperwork to Iceland. That is complicated and might become a problem. I just hope I won’t get that old.

I have been struggling with my heart for some time now and sometimes I am worried, a tiny bit, but then I look at my pendant and know that I will not be kept alive if something happens. I will just pass away peacefully, without any interference. That feels good. My father left this earth in his sleep. I would like that.

I have to admit, once again, that I am worried about our planet, having Trump in the White House.

Seeing him standing next to Putin was horrible. There was one powerful man there, and that was not Trump. You could see on Putin´s face how happy he was and he acted like the one in control.

What is it that he has on Trump? There is something, I am sure about it.

The pathetic explanation Trump gave yesterday about him saying that he believed that Russia did not interfere in the election was something you would not be able to make up.

He is pathetic and his wife even worse, putting up with everything just for the money and power. There is no way she can be enjoying the beast.

Well, this is me just rumbling and I need to make something to eat and then there is singing and exercising.

We need to remember that food is important, but getting fat is not necessary.

I love cooking for myself and it is wonderful not having anyone grunting over the healthy diet.

Today I want us to remember the word GRATITUDE. It is important to be grateful when times are like they are now. It helps us to make it through the day.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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