Portuguese SAGAS – A cold summer – the coldest July in 30 years –

  1. July 2018

Today is a warm wonderful day here in Penela.

This summer is the coldest in 30 years and no wonder that I keep complaining!

But, today is wonderful.

Yesterday evening the sky was full of beauty and the colours dancing around even though just few meters away there was dark cloud sulking and wanting to spread water all over.

The water did not come. I think the angels are on holiday now.

Yesterday there were fires about 200 km away from me. People panicked and left their cars remembering last year’s tragedy when people lost their lives in the fires. Some left their cars and began walking.


You would think that a summer like this one would provide us with fireless year, but no, that is not the case. The arsonists find their way.

So, what is new?

What is on my mind?

Why am I not writing every day?

I am struggling with my heart. It is sick and I am tired all the time. I don´t know how this will end but now I beginning to worry a little bit. I should visit my handsome heart doctor soon, but I am still hoping that I will recover.

Anyway, have you ever thought about all the ads that tell you if you buy this and that you will be young forever and not to mention how beautiful you will be?

We open the TV and there the ads are.

We open the newspaper and there they are, all the offers to make you wonderfully healthy and beautiful in just 10 days or maybe less.

If only life was so simple or maybe it would not be as much fun struggling with the wrinkles and extra fat and everything.

I think our minds are the most important. Keeping a healthy mind is what makes us young whatever age we are at.

I love the saying here in Portugal that people have this or that many years. It is somehow so dignified instead of saying I am this and that old.

Old is wonderful if you are healthy.

I am grateful for every day and Friday I had a singing lesson which always makes me feel better. My energy is down. My breathing is strange and I have forgotten and made mistakes since my last lesson. Then it is just like everything else in our live. I stand up again. I refresh my memory and pick up what I already know and practise again. Repetition, repetition and more repetition is the goal.

It´s the same with a new language.

Repetition is what pays off. Everyday practise is what is needed.

Walking slowly when tired is better than not walking.

Drinking a lot of water when not thirsty is good!

Finding your balance with simple exercises is super.

Making time to meditate and think about nothing is even better.

There are no quick solutions but if we believe in them that is ok.

Patience might be the word for me today. Patience and optimistic might walk hand in hand these days and become prosperous.

It feels good to be able to put on a summer dress and listen to the birds singing and watching the flowers bloom.

Gratitude is good. I love the beautiful flowers and their wonderful colours. Because of the cold summer the colours are brighter.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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