Portuguese SAGAS – Just a thought on a Sunday morning

15th of July 2018

The weather is strange.

One of my friends said to me yesterday that we would perhaps have summer in December instead of Christmas.

Here in Penela the forecast is for the next 7 days less than 27 every day and even rain tomorrow in the forecast. The flowers are happy but the people want hot days. We were reminded some days ago what it feels like to have 30 something and my oh my, it felt wonderful.

Yesterday I was walking at 2 o’clock. Just imagine, this should be the warmest time of the day but felt amazing with 20 something, i.e. for walking.

Yesterday I went to Espinahl.  Just few minutes drive and I am in heaven. I like to walk there. It is beautiful. The people are nice and not dogs on every corner barking like hell.

It´s interesting to see the names of the roads. Names of people who have made a difference for the small village.

Of course water needs to be part of the company. I would not go far without the bottle.

The sun was shining, the little statues in the gardens smiling and the lion taking care of the first house. The lions remind me of my China, but here there was just one, but the garden is amazing.

On my way back I took a wrong turn.

Can you believe it? wrong turn from Espinahl to Penela. It´s impossible, but as you all know I am a genius.

There was no way I was driving half way to Miranda do Corvo and broke the traffic rules like there was no day tomorrow.

Today is the final football game and I don´t care which team wins. They can both win. Maybe France will but I will be happy for both of them.

The idiot is going to Putin and will hold his hand just like he did before.

I am not sure he will be able to top the stroll with the queen, that was something and if I ever had a hope for him listening to anyone it passed away while I watched him visiting the queen.

IT will be interesting to see what he promises Putin. It is also interesting why he is so much for Putin. Does he have something to hide? Of course he does but will it ever come to the surface is another question.

I can not say what I want to say. I just think it.

I hope you all have a great day and your week will be prosperous and we will all wake up to a better and safer world one day in the future.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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