29th of June 2018

Watching the world cup is great!

Yesterday I saw Belgium – England playing.

Boring game and strange that England loosing is in fact a winning for them.

Who understands this?


Some nights ago I did watch Portugal play and listening to the commentators here in Portugal was something. Every time the Portuguese touched the ball the commentator shouted RONALDO!

I wonder what happens if Portugal plays the finals, how the commentators will survive. It will be interesting and memorable. Maybe Ronaldo will cry a bit and then smile a lot.

Well, Russia is on map these days and the man who told his supporters few days ago that “the media is the enemy of the people” has got his wish fulfilled. A madman shot 5 and injured 3 of these enemies of people.

The senators grilling FBI director yesterday sounded like children in a kinder garden.

The yellow one is meeting his best friend, Putin, after few days and he will definitely tell everyone they are in love.

What is it that Putin has on the yellow one? There must be something.

Making America alone again is wonderful in the yellow one’s mind but is it really great?

I just hope he won’t manage to destroy the world. There is something very bizarre going on in his head and maybe the pills to grow the hair are the ones to blame. What do I know? I know nothing.

Now Melanie is at the border. Did her husband send her? Does she really care? I wonder!

The summer is on holiday here in the mainland AGAIN. Now it´s rain and more rain with cold and spring what the future holds for us.


I said yesterday that I am not going to complain more about cold and rain.

Now I will just be happy to wake up every day and grateful for the world still standing.

It might not take too long for the madman to destroy everything and then there is no problem having rain every day. We will all be dead.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: hulda9

I am Icelandic but live in Portugal. When I was young I had a dream. I wanted to travel around the world. I wanted to experience different cultures. My dream came true and I went to London. When going through the Chinese display in the British Museum I began to cry. I cried and experienced this longing and sadness. At that moment I knew I had to go to China. Arriving there for the first time I felt finally at home, a feeling I never had in Iceland. In Iceland I was an outsider. My mother passed away and I decided to move. My destination was China. I lived there for a while but had to sell my house and move because permanent residence was not granted to me. I moved to Portugal and that was 6 and a half years ago. In China I taught English and dance. In Portugal I am a retired resident. Now I am 72 years old. I love to write and want to share with you some of my experience in those 2 countries and also just my simple thoughts. Portugal is my final destination on this earth. Even though I have many years behind me, my mind is clear. I enjoy the life and make the most of every day. I love to sing, to study and most of all I love to be alive. I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts that I share with you.

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