Just a thought – The spider web

33143369_1028034370682693_5951379548904882176_n27th of May 2018

Sometimes it looks like life is similar to a spider web.

You are sucked into it like a fly and can’t do anything except follow the threads.

The spider spins and the web grows but you get smaller and smaller, no escape.

Is it really like that?

I find spider webs amazingly beautiful and they are sometimes outside my balcony door. Watching the animal working like an artist is something.

I know how to get caught in a web. I can blindly walk into one and feel quite happy, for the time being.

The softness and the beauty embracing me can make me forget the reality.

My teacher said many years ago that I was gullible and my class made jokes letting me contemplate on what amused them. I never expected what was happening, until it was too late.

During the years, becoming a bit more mature, I sometimes could see through the threads and even make decent decisions.

Few days ago I had a birthday. I got many greetings and appreciated them all, or almost all of them. Some were during Facebook, some by e-mail and some by phone.

Unexpected phone calls and not receiving expected phone calls. Just a normal process.

At the end of the day I saw a message on Facebook from someone whishing me happy birthday and I was quite surprised. This one was the least expected and not welcome.

Thank god for the privacy policy and the ability to delete from my page what I don´t want there.

I was quick to delete the message and block the sender.

Who is this unwelcome person?

Should I dignify the person by talking about her?


I have been stuck in the web some mean people have tried to put me into, but I have always escaped. This time I did not even think about entering the web. This time I was just taken by surprise and acted immediately.

There are lessons to be learned.

Life hands out the lessons as long as we need them.

I needed this one obviously, since I got it, but I passed the test.

Those who have been trying to bring me down for decades, by spreading lies and other delicatessens have no power over me anymore.

What a great feeling!

Freedom and nothing less!

I am grateful for every lesson I get. They are sometimes hard and tiring but when I pass the test the feeling is freedom.

Watching the beautiful spiders weave their web in the rain is perhaps the universe in the utmost beauty.

Feeling the freedom and joy, when having enough courage to rip of the dirt is unbelievable, and cannot be put into words.

Striving for freedom is worth it even though it can be a rocky road.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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