Portuguese SAGAS – day 4 – holiday – The nice people

4th of May 2018

Good morning

Yesterday was a day of adventures, amazing and beautiful.

In the afternoon I took a walk towards the village

As I have shown you before there are interesting things to see on the way and yesterday I met some wonderful people.

The truck in the photo above is one among many hundreds, transferring the cut burned trees to somewhere. The disaster is everywhere.

In the neighbourhood there are big houses and now I know they are farms, side by side in harmony and love.

On my way down the road I met a man outside a house and the motorbike was running, a red beautiful bike purring like a cat. The owner stood outside his gate and looked at me. At the balcony there are huge flowers, beautiful ones and I have been admiring them on my previous walks. The house is grey and just ordinary but the flowers shining at the balcony make it special.

Opposite there was a huge pig inside a fence of course. Was the pig eating grass, I wondered.

The man smiled and asked me if I like the meat? I told him no.

He told me the house was his but the pig at the other side of the road did not belong to him. I admired his flowers and he smiled, told me the house was his, just an ordinary conversation here in Beijos. He asked me where I was from, if I was Dutch but no, I tried to explain I was Icelandic and that was truly complicated as always. They want to put me in Ireland. Of course I am used to this after 7 years and have found a solution.

Bacalau, Icelandia!

Oh, bacalau! and everyone smiles.

Here in my land we do talk a lot and repeat many many many times just to make sure we understand what we are talking about.

The man left and I walked on.

Further along the road there were 3 people talking. They were definitely collecting wood for the winter and had bags and a wheelbarrow, the wheelbarrow almost full of burnet cut trees. Along the road 2 young men have been pretending to clean, they do take a lot of brakes, but when passing them they suddenly become busy and the machines are working again!

When I approached the group I was out of breath and feeling a bit horrible. They asked me if I was ok and I told them had forgot my water and my heart was complaining. Just a normal situation and nothing to worry about, I told them.

One of the ladies went to her house and came back with a bottle of water. Drink, she told me.

After explaining where I was from and learning about their children in Australia, which they visit every year in December and January, we suddenly discovered that they did in fact speak English, or a little of it. Even though we continued our conversation in Portuguese because the 3rd one just spoke Portuguese.

Everyone knows about the resort I am staying at.

Everyone tells me how wonderful it is, and it is.

The 3rd one showed me where she lived and I always pass her house when taking a walk. She invited me to stop by when I was on my way somewhere. If you need anything you just ask, she told me and left.

The lady of the house we were standing next to, the big one, which was in fact a farm and they owned the huge pig I had been admiring before told me to come and see her house and the animals..

She took me into her farm, showed me the animals, 3 tiny pigs and a lot of chicken and 3 ducks plus some birds I have no idea who are. Then we went to the garden where they grow their vegetables and the grapevine. They make their vine and sell it. They grow vegetables and herbs in a greenhouse and everything is completely organic.

I got a salad and some herbs to take home with me. I have to tell you, uhm, so good.

There is a small house next to the big one. There was an elderly lady which the couple had taken in. She lives alone in Portugal and had spent the last night in the hospital. Living on her own, having health problems and her neighbours moved her into their spare house. How amazing is that.

The lady of the house took me to the sick one and we had a small talk. She told me what happened and showed me the bruises on her shoulder and arm. She had definitely fallen.

We spent some time with the sick lady and she told me how wonderful the couple was taking her in and lending her the house. There is a small living room, the phone next to the bed, a bathroom with a shower and a fireplace and a kitchen. Everything you need, she told me.

The love was obvious.

This reminded me of my life in China and the people living there in small apartments, sharing with everyone, a wonderful flashback.

Anyway, the lady of the house and her husband invited me to come by any time I was passing. We gave each other big hugs and kisses like it is normal to do in my little land.

The dog did not accompany me during this walk. Have no idea where he was but I met another one which was lost or had been abandoned.

I don´t understand how people can just open their car doors and let the dogs out when they don´t want them anymore. This is what happens and the poor things are totally lost. They try to find a new home but that is not easy. I am sure the one that takes care of everything here in Casa Da Fragas has been left like this. He is trying to make a new home here but that is not possible. They don´t allow dogs.

Yesterday  a man who did not live here came and the dog was furious.

He takes care of us, like we were his own.

This morning he came from somewhere and looked through my door, just to make sure everything was ok. So sweet!


Eventually he will leave; he cannot stay here and bark. The guests’ don´t like it and the management does not want him here which is understandable. Soon he will find a new home and I will miss him. We have become friends even though I don´t feed him or show any affection but he understands that I do care.

This morning while I was singing he just lay outside and relaxed. Probably tired after the night.

So, this is more or less my afternoon yesterday and the beginning of the morning today. The guests, the others, went biking at 11 and I could sing, no one to disturb. I am slowly getting my voice back after almost 2 months of no singing. I have not decided what to do during the rest of the day. The wonderful peace and quiet is enough at moment. Maybe I will head somewhere later today. Being on a holiday and just living the moment is the top of the existence.

Next week I will go on Wednesday to Penela in the morning to pick up the post and water the flowers. Most likely I will have my first singing lesson in a long time and I am looking forward to it. After singing I will head back north and one more week of the same. What a life!

I have to tell you that the resort got 9, 6 approval rate last year. That is something and likely not many who get that high score.

Have a great day and I will write more tomorrow.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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