Portuguese SAGAS – holiday, day 3

3rd of May 2018

Good morning. I wrote the first part yesterday and completely forgot to post it. Here you have my post for yesterday and todays morning.

2nd of May 2018

Good evening everyone.

The 2nd day of the holiday is there.

I slept well during the night even though there are some ghostly sounds around the house but I have been told there is nothing inside the roof, but who knows. Maybe the ancestors are visiting and having fun scaring the living. I don´t know but in the middle of the night the sounds seemed to quiet. Could it be that the ghosts need to rest just like us the living?

I woke up at 7 and the routine began. Water, stretching, washing and you know all the normal things. Making breakfast and trying to get a bit of warmth into the house by putting on air-condition.

I don´t like the sound but there is no fireplace so you just put up with the endless purr.

The dog came in the morning with the manager and followed her around while she distributed the fresh bread and some other things for breakfast. After following her he came to my door. I had opened the door to get some fresh air into my new home and there he was, just outside sitting like a gentleman. After a while he put one foot inside, just to test if the lady would invite him to her sofa.

No, go away, the lady hissed.

He left and probably thought; I will try again later today.

It is supposed to rain today and this morning it was 3 degrees outside, really cold but beautiful. The birds singing and the sound of the river like a morning meditation tune. Peace and quiet!

I love the sound of the nature and this is a perfect place to enjoy it and suck it in like a pure joy.

The ants are having a ball on the floor. I don´t know where they come from but I mixed for them powder sugar and bicarbonate and hope they will eat it and BUM the go happy to the ant’s heaven. Not a bad way to kill them, or what?


Day 3.

I wrote the first part yesterday but completely forgot to post it or even finish the post so here I am again.

A beautiful morning with sunshine and cold.

I did not rain yesterday. Not at all!

Today there might be 19 degrees and sunshine on and off but tomorrow and some days ahead it looks like 20 something with a wonderful sun and everything.

I and the dog took a walk yesterday morning, he has decided that it might be a good idea to take care of me and make sure I find my way back.

In the morning I thought he was a she but after the walk I knew he was a he. Tiny drops here are there marking our space proved the case.

We did walk for an hour. I found some landmarks to make sure I would find my way back. There are ruins all around the road we took and I found the post boxes interesting and here are some pictures of them.

The young men were cutting the trees and busy trying to fix the machine.

I met some Portuguese people and it feels good to bid them Bom Dia and see their surprise when the strange one starts talking in Portuguese.

A lady I was trying to talk to did not understand a word I spoke. I thing she just saw a tall foreigner and her brain did not manage to realize that the tall one was in fact saying Bom Dia. Eventually we managed. I admired her garden and she had some peculiar thing in her garden I was curious if it was working but impossible to figure that out.


In the afternoon I decided to drive and try to find a supermarket. I needed food. I drove on, got lost, found my way again and payed in a bank my car insurance. Travelled a bit around the village, found a flower shop and got Lavender and rosemary to keep the mosquitos away from the house. Now I am becoming the flower girl.

On my way back I came across a supermarket and did my shopping. Brought back fruits and veggies plus Peru, no tuna in that shop and the cod fish section was empty, no one working there so I gave up.

My food the next days will be Peru!

I bought a box of strawberries and the box opened and spread the berries around my trolley! Seriously! What kind of boxes do behave like that?

I found my way home, easily.

Tired and hungry I ate the rest of the codfish eggs from yesterday with pasta and some fruits. You just take what is quick when you are tired.

Went to bed at half past eight and read a novel I have almost finished, The letter is the name of it, and I will be happy when that one is over.

I do have a book about Mr. Trump which might be on my reading list but have not decided yet. There is so much happening now in his life so maybe it is more relaxing to read something else in bed!

This is my day 2 and the beginning of day 3. Not sure what will happen today.

See you next time and enjoy whatever you are doing my reader.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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