Portuguese SAGAS – Holiday – day 1 – 1st of May

1st of May 2018

Good evening everyone.

Day one is here.

I woke up early in the morning and left home at half past 8.


Took the motorway and this was supposed to be a straight forward trip. I had already been to the place once before and how difficult could it be to find it again. I also had my wonderful GPS lady who would tell me where to go.

Oh yes, you thought so.

I drove through and looked at the burned trees, the wood in stacks and contemplated on last summer’s fires. It breaks my heart every time I go through the devastation. The houses just ruins and the question is if they will be built again.

Let me tell you for an hour I managed to do what I was supposed to do. I was good and obedient and my GPS was happy.

Then I came to Beijós and everything went awry.

Lady GPS told me I had arrived. I knew I had not. There should be signs. I saw one and drove on. I knew there should be more signs but did not see anything. Drove for about half an hour and came across a beautiful church which I knew had not seen before.

There was no doubt in my mind. I had to turn and start again.

I did go back to Beijós and drove carefully.

Yes the first sign was there, and then another, and the third one that said I love Dao – Casas da Fraga , 50 meters.

I drove one, hey this was the same road I had taken before and now I knew how far 50 meters are. There was no way I was going to make the same mistake again. No way!

Lucky me, there was a couple in their garden, I stopped and asked the man if I should drive ahead to my destination?

No, you should turn left, and he pointed back. I had missed the turn! My GPS knew but I have to change my attitude in the future and do what she tells me, all the time, not just sometimes.

So I arrived and now I recognised everything. There was though a dog which I had not seen before. He looked quite content and sunbathing while I waited for the manager.

It was a beautiful day and my day one of a month’s holiday had arrived. What more could I wish for?

The house is beautiful, I had seen it before and it has everything. Of course I have changed a thing or two, moved a chair and a table.

I brought my own pots and a pan and some food. My car was loaded but I will eat the food and slowly bring back the dirty laundry. I have to go to Penela once a week just to pick up the post and water the flowers. Nothing special, but the dirty laundry will travel with me and wait until I get home in June. Wonderful!

On my way I drove into a huge hole and the seat belt pushed me down, and my back is killing me. I will be ok tomorrow after good nights sleep.

I have already taken my first walk and explored a bit of the neighbourhood.

There is the grapevine which I always find rather ugly!

Then of course someone burning wood, that is ok if people are taking care of the fire and it does not spread.

The dog had found a group of youngsters but they were definitely not his owners and he came back.

During the day I had my doors open and the little one did not enter. He just lay down outside the door and waited.


My friend, the manager, took me sightseeing; we needed to buy a lottery ticket. I saw the beautiful church again and we entered an interesting village. There is a lot to explore around and I am looking forward to it.

Since there are more people staying in the other houses I have to be careful and not practice singing while they are at home. I will figure it out. They cannot be home all the time. They have to explore and then I will practise. Did today before the new guests arrived but have to figure out something tomorrow. Maybe I will be spying on them just to be able to practise!

Well, as you know I am not normal and this will be an adventure, different from other guests.

I will go to bed early, have almost unpacked and found most of what I thought I needed!

Have a great time until tomorrow and enjoy everything that comes your way. There is nothing like the current moment.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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