Portuguese SAGAS – day 6 – Thunderstorms and sunshine


6th of May 2017

Good evening.

It is six o’clock in the evening.

A beautiful day with sunshine and warmth until this evening, when the thunderstorms began shouting and part of the sky was dark but the other one just beautiful as earlier today.

I hate thunders.

Thunders make me scared.

Well I even managed to get into a dress this morning, not that I have not been dressing these 5 days but today it was a summer dress, bare shoulders and legs. The first day like this in the new spring but I have to admit that in the afternoon I had to find lot of warm layers to put on!

I was told that my arms had even become a little bit pink, not grey like they are usually! Me getting healthy brown suntan takes ages so pink is quite an accomplishment!

Walking in the morning was great, Sunday morning and almost no one around, peace and quiet, even more peaceful than usually.

You know every village has one mad man. This morning I met the one here in Beijós. He came walking towards me talking like he was on the phone. No, he was not on the phone, he had no phone, just talking to himself and seemed quite happy with his company.

(It is beginning to rain heavily, while I am writing. The thunderstorms payed off. The sun is still shining in one part of the sky but the other one is crying with heavy tears.)

Back to the madman of village! He asked if I was French, Italian, English and I told him not. I was not going to talk to him and he seemed happy suddenly bringing out a whistle and blew like there was no tomorrw.

I just kept walking, used to strange people or so to speak.

On my way I met a hen which was talking to another one inside the building. Now I know for sure there are hens living in the long ugly red building, but before I could get my camera from my rug sack, went inside. She did not care about some foreigner wanting to have photos of a white hen. I have also discovered where the food is kept and in my vivid imagination there is no problem seeing the food flowing down from the tank.

My God, I am happy I don´t eat chicken anymore!

When walking down the road I always notice something new. This morning I noticed there were statues in one of the gardens. Really old ones but beautiful. The contrast is strange. There are beautiful houses and then there are the ruins.

Some years ago I met a family from Holland and they had been traveling from Porto down to Lisboa. They told me they experienced Portugal as ruins and more ruins with newly built houses in between. This is I think correct in many cases and the first word I learned when moving here was “Ruinas” which means ruins. The taxi driver who drove me from Penela to Podentes, where I lived my first months in the country, taught me. Curvas, was the second one. Driving through the mountain was scary but I got used to all the sharp curves.

Yesterday I went to Tondela, just a quick drive to take care of some business which did not end too well, but I have been expecting the result I got, for 6 weeks. Now it is a new chapter. A new plan and a fresh decision to be made. Is there a plan B? I am not sure. All in good time.

(The rain is flowing, heavily now and its getting dark and the road like a river. Somehow I like the sound of the rain, it is kind of soothing.)

Back to the decorations in the gardens!

It’s not just the stone statues. There are all kinds of strange tools, some of them I do recognise from Iceland and even from China. I find it quite interesting to see how much the Portuguese value the past and perhaps it is more the older generation than the younger one.

Here in Casa da Fragas there is a lot of all kinds of old tools on display. The owner brings them here and keeps the heritage alive.

Tomorrow is Monday; a new week begins with new adventures. The forecast is warm with sunshine and rain, perhaps just like today. My morning walk will hopefully be in sunshine.

I have to tell you about the dog. He is going to Algarve and will find a new family there. I will miss him but this is for the best.

He is homeless and cannot be here barking at strangers, taking care of those who stay here. I don´t understand how people can just stop their cars and let the animals out and leaving them out in the wilderness. It is so cruel. I am told that this is common here in my land and perhaps it is like that everywhere. People give pets for Christmas presents and then suddenly they realise that the animals need care and they are not just cute little ones for décor. It should be forbidden to buy animals before Christmas.

So day 6 is almost over and day 7 ahead. The holiday will be over before I know it but it has, so far, been wonderful, peace and quiet with new adventures every day. This morning I was looking at the wild flowers alongside the road. They are so beautiful even though they are kind of a weed and not welcome. There they are shining and trying to make us notice them and stop and admire the colours and the shape. How can you pass them without saying good morning?

After the showers, the heavy ones just now, everything is sharp green. The beauty of the rain is in the colours.

I could do without the thunderstorms but that’s ok. I will put the duvet over my head when in bed and keep the water bottle close to me!

See you tomorrow.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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