Portuguese SAGAS – I love my life

4th of April 2018

Sometimes we think that living alone is boring and horrible.

That is just an attitude.

Living alone can be fun and it is freedom.

It can be freedom to make all the choices without having to get permission or having a long discussion.

I like living alone. I like to be able to get into my car if I feel up to it and drive wherever the mind takes me. The adventures are endless.

Some people cannot live alone. They fear loneliness and they even stay in a relationship that is not too good, just to be with someone.

Everything is ok. What each and every one decides is their choice and they are the ones going to live with whatever they decide.

I like cooking.

I like cooking a lot. Sometimes when I make my dinner I think I am cooking for several people, but of course I am not. I don’t have to eat it all at ones. I have got a fridge, a big one!

I cannot eat meat, and that’s ok, I don´t like read meat. I like chicken and turkey. I do like the chicken more but that’s not good for my stomach so now I just eat it if I am invited somewhere.

I love fish. Fish is healthy and can be amazing. Now I live in Portugal and there are some strange ones in the supermarket. I’m talking about fish, not people!

The ladies in my supermarket are wonderful. They help me make up my mind when I look at the variety and have no idea what to buy.

Some days ago I bought one, he looked really strange but I wanted to try. He was not too expensive and home he came with me. We decided to put him on the grill, i.e. I and the fish decided after a short conversation.

It was ok but some went into the fridge and on my plate the next day. I have to say that the second day it was much better and the third day perfect.

Tuna fish is my favourite, among others of course. It is healthy and looks beautiful.

I do grill it and then something happens during the process.

The one I want to share with you is this:


The Tuna on the grill wanted something, just something. I put on some “souer crout”, Very good and gives a special flavour. What else do I have? I thought.

Oh, the olive oil with the herbs. Perfect. The green colour is so beautiful and the “souer crout” does not have any colour, or so to speak.

There my wonderful tuna was on my grill pan and the sweet potatoes cooking on the stove, beside it in a pot.


I wanted sauce.

I had some port vine in the cupboard. Yes, that was a good idea. So a dash went into the grill pan.

Something else was calling from the fridge. The blue cheese was calling. A tiny bit of it went into the pan and everything cooked wonderfully, down!

A dash of water and there it was.




No desert this time. I am kind of on a diet or so to speak and try not to eat too much, but what I eat is delicious and healthy.

Living alone makes it possible for me to cook whatever I fancy. What a privilege!

I like my life. I love my food and I love my friends.

Soon I will move north. I will be living very close to my “family” and I will cook for them once in a while. They don´t know this yet, so please don´t tell them. This has to be a surprise. I know I can trust you to keep my secret.

It will be good to move into a new house, I have already begun packing. Packing is not fun but taking it one day at a time makes it an adventure. I have started with my kitchen. The things go into a shoebox; the boxes are marked and put into the cupboard again waiting for the moving day. Wonderful!

I can see the Christmas tree in my new house!

I hope you have a great day, you who are reading this. Sharing feels good and I can always learn something new every day, I just have to be open minded.

I took my papers to my accountant yesterday and she almost got a heart attack. She is young so nothing happened but she looked at me when she saw my income last year and she looked at me:



I just smiled and said:


Then I went to the “freguzia” to get a certificate for the Icelandic authorities and after few days I will have a proof that I am not in heaven and not cheating on the Icelandic system.

Life is wonderful.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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