Just a thought on a Saturday morning

24th of March 2018

Good morning to everyone.

A strange morning here in Penela. There was sunshine, there was rain and suddenly there was a peculiar sound.

I looked out and guess what, here in Portugal, at the end of March we have hail. The sound was the hail hammering my living room windows.

How can this be happening?

You would assume the weather is fine, sunshine, warm and the beaches just waiting for you to get your wonderful tan.

No, not quite. Nor yet!

In Spain its different I think.

Anyway, the winter has been cold, it has rained a lot and now there is a weather warning, windy and snowy.

My country is amazing and never boring, not anymore.

My wonderful neighbour downstairs began playing his heavy rock at the minute 9 o’clock. If I did not have a cold I would flee. I have got a cold, coughing and sneezing and everything so today is an inside day, but how I wish.

I hope the man will leave, but he is cleaning so we never know.

Soon, maybe next Christmas, I will be out. I will be in my new house and enjoying the sound of the animals, the shouting of the farmers and the symphony of the tractors and farming equipment. There won´t be any downstairs man. I will take a walk with my favourite dog and we will explore new roads, she will talk to me like only dogs can and then we arrive at her home and maybe have a cup of tea with the family before I go home again. What a future it will be!

Every week I will go to Semide and sing with my wonderful teacher. She will continue to teach me. I will be better and better every day. Practise makes perfect.

Once in a while I will go to Coimbra and Condeixa and even to Penela for a visit. My long-time friends are there and it is up to me to nourish the comradeship. Seeing your friends, having a good laugh and getting a big hug and smiles and kisses is a vital part of the live.

Then the summer comes. The grass groves, the animals with their keepers come walking and have their lunch or dinner. They clean the land. How about that?

The olive trees, the pine trees and the beautiful flowers will grow. Everything is bright and the birds are singing. The birds wake me up in the morning, singing their beautiful symphony of live. The symphony no one can capture except the nature.

What a wonderful future sight this is.

One day I go to the airport. My friend is coming for a visit and I am picking her up. We will spend time together in my beautiful house, we will go to Viseu and Porto and all the little villages in between. Tondela Park will be our sunshine park. We will have a serious talk and we will laugh together. We will have a party. The new neighbours will come for dinner or lunch on Sunday. They will get strange food, foreign cooking. Then one day my friend goes back to the north into the cold and we share our wonderful memories, even though far away.

The future is endless, the imagination is powerful, and the power of the mind is limitless.

I wish you all who read this a good Saturday. I hope you use your mind for something exciting and I hope your day will be special.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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