Portuguese SAGAS – The bombeiros (the firemen) concert in Miranda do Corvo



8th of March 2018

The 24th of February was a special day in my life.

I went to Miranda do Corvo in the evening and I had been looking forward to this evening for some time.

I do complain about lack of art here in my little land.

Of course there is art but sometimes I wish I could go into a museum like in China or in Iceland. I also miss the opportunity to go to a concert in Iceland every week and listen to the Icelandic Symphony orchestra.


There is always something to attend here in my little land. It is just different.

When I saw the concert for the Bombeiros in Miranda do Corvo advertised on Facebook there was no doubt. This was something I would attend.

I thought I could buy the tickets the same evening.

Luckily for me, my friend told me she had reserved a ticket for me. I just had to arrive early the evening of the 24th.

I arrived early.

The house did not open until half past eight so I took a walk around the neighbourhood and enjoyed the evening breeze.

Eventually the man from the Bombeiros came and I got my ticket.

As I have told you there is a trend here in my little land, nothing starts on time. In this case it did, ALMOST.

I was on my way to my seat when I met a friend with her daughter and husband. The daughter came with her mother to my house 7 years ago. Then she was just a tiny little wonderful girl. Now she was a tall wonderful young woman. Time flies. I love those friends and they have helped me a lot through my years here in the village. It felt good to see them. It always feels good to see your friends.

Anyway, I had a ticket on the 2nd row. I could see everything clearly.

I enjoyed every moment. The artists were all ages. Some young and some old. Some famous and some just at the beginning of their carrier.


Everyone was there to help the bombeiros. After a summer and autumn like the last one the bombeiros need help, more than ever before.

I did pay a bit more than the price of the ticket. Unfortunately I did not have much cash with me but another time and another opportunity will come.

The house was full.

I enjoyed every minute, even the FADO which I usually don´t like. There is so much I could say about each and every artist but I have to say this: I have often heard my friend Carla sing and I enjoy it always. She is a great soprano and there is no better in my opinion here in my little land.

When she sung with the Maestro “Oh Mio Babbino Caro” I shed a tear. There was something this night that made her singing of this wonderful aria special. I can’t explain what but when she finished I said to myself out loud “Yessssss my dear Carla. This was wonderful”. The woman sitting next to me looked at the foreigner, surprised. I just smiled.

The Maestro is also something. When he played I just got carried away. “Bravo Maestro” I said.

It is not common here in my little land to express your gratitude like this but I just could not help myself. When you hear something amazing you do forget where you are. You just experience the moment.

I could go on and talking about everyone that made this evening unforgettable. I arrived home about half past one in the night. I was happy and my soul had got the nourishment it needed this evening.

Thank you all, you great artists, that performed this evening. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO everyone.

Thank you, Carla and Antonio, for making this possible.

Thank you The bombeiros, the heroes, who are always there for us.

When I watched the pictures of you trying to control the fires and when I watched you attending the road accident, I had tears in my eyes.

I do urge all the foreigners who live in the little land to go to your fire department and contribute at least 100 EUR from your own pocket. If you all did this it would make a difference.

I pledged to myself the last year of 2017 to go to them bombeiros in Penela every month in the coming year, the 2018, and donate 100 EUR. It is not much for me but it helps the bombeiros here in my village. We expect them to take care of us when we are in need. They transfer us to the hospital when we need. They are there every day and every night and when our call comes they arrive. Let’s all unite and donate what we can.

It feels good and nourishes my soul when I go at the beginning of the month and have in my hand 100 EUR for my brave bombeiros.

A story I heard.

The bombeiros sometimes go from house to house and ask for help. One day they arrived at one and a lady came out. She wanted to give them 5 EUR. The bombeiro saw that this was a really poor lady and he did not have the heart to take the 5 He told her one EUR would be more than enough. The lady begged him with tears in her eyes to accept. She told him she would like to give more but this was all she had. The bombeiro accepted and she gave him a big hug.

It is often like this. The poor ones do give with the heart. The not so poor do think differently. I am not going to tell you the story when he arrived at the rich man’s house. It is too depressing.

The foreigners have got more money than the Portuguese. Please go to the bombeiros and contribute more than you intended to do.

Be generous.

Hulda Björnsdóttir



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