Portuguese SAGAS – Exciting times

PORTUGUESE SAGAS – exciting times


20th of February 2018

Good morning.

Yesterday I went north.

North is my future.

It was a wonderful sunny beautiful morning while I drove from Penela.

Soon I will leave the village, the village where I have lived the last 7 years and made some wonderful friends. I will miss my friends but there is always a way. The drive from my future home to my old home is just an hour and a half. I will come for a visit. I will visit the library and the centre of the village. I will pop in at Mini Preso and many other places where my friends are.

It is important not to abandon the friends who have helped me here in the little village during these 7 years.

In my new village I will make new friends. I have already started. My Portuguese family is there. I love them dearly and am grateful for the support and the love they have given me.

The future is in the north.

The happiness in the coming months will be in the north.

The prosperity will be in the north.

My life will continue in the north.

Now, I am in a process which is exciting and also a tiny bit complicated. It is sometimes easier to move from one country to another than moving from the centre to the north.

Everything will be well. I know that. I love to organize and organizing is needed now. I have all the threads and now it continues making the quilt, the new life quilt.

Already I have made the first stiches. This will most likely be a wonderful rosy patchwork with lots of different patterns and colours.

The colours began to shape 6 years ago when I noticed the beautiful land at the end of the road where the church in my future village stands. I was waiting for my friend while she and the quire were rehearsing for the Sunday mass. Inside it was cold but outside the sun was shining. I went exploring. This was the first Christmas in the north. I noticed this beautiful land and the wonderful view. I saw the mountain. I saw the houses and I saw the trees.

Yesterday some of the houses are just ruins. The fires took them. Most of the houses are still standing but the trees have gone, most of them at least.

There are olive trees on my land.

They need to be moved. The law is: “You cannot cut olive trees or destroy them. You have to move them if you don´t want them where they are.”


In my country there are many laws and regulations that I am now being introduced to. Some of them I do understand and others are complicated.

Everything has to be according to the rules. That makes life easy.

My luck is that I have people willing to guide me and help me. I could not do this without my dear friends and my new family here in Portugal.

Just imagine, a Portuguese family has adopted me, just like there is nothing simpler.

How great is that?

Having friends is perhaps the most important thing in my life. Being an outcast in a blood family can be devastating.

Although, let’s remember there is always someone that appreciates you just as you are.

Don´t forget that life is colourful just like my new patchwork.

I thank you all my friends. I thank you for your support, your encouragement and your love.

I am grateful for each and every one of you. What colour you are, or what nationality you are does not make any difference, you are all my friends and it is because of you I survive.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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