Portuguese SAGAS – My beautiful view

27540242_977696525715508_3786472016159541576_n4th of February 2018

Good morning everyone.

I wanted to write something in English this morning, just to make my life joyful and smiley.

So, I woke up late. Did not understand why the clock was ringing just after midnight!

I went to bed early and then it looked like I had just fallen asleep when the phone rang. I needed to change the alarm tomorrow, or so I imagined.

At eleven I got up, in the morning. The sun was shining and everything beautiful around me.

What a day.

Yesterday I got a new phone, it is important to upgrade regularly and my new one was half price, just yesterday.

The wonderful people in the shop where I do all my computer errands upgraded my virus protection on my little one, the one that goes with me everywhere and I write on while outside my home. I love this little one. She is something and we are getting used to each other. She has windows 10 which I found disturbing at the beginning but now I am ok with it, even though I like the 8 better.

While waiting for the virus protection people to talk to me I went to the other section and bought my phone. Being a loyal customer pays off. The wonderful young men who own the shop and their workers have all become my friends during these last 7 years. It felt good to get a hug and kisses yesterday. I needed it.

So, now I have a phone that does everything. Everything I need is there. Can you imagine this?

Of course my little one will follow me and the bigger one at home will be the one I use while writing in general. But the phone is amazing and I even managed to take a photo of the beauty outside my balcony this morning, or rather this late morning.

Soon, I will move. I will begin the process of building a house. Once again. Although this time I am not moving to another country, just going north in my little land, about 120 km. There is a lot to think about.

Making a list would be a good idea.

The list will be there soon.

The wonders with nowadays is that you can use the computer and change the list back and forth. New ideas added and old ones deleted. What a wonderful world we live in.

I am grateful for every adventure my life brings me. Would it not be boring to have a normal life where every day is the same?

It would kill me.

Gratitude is the word of the day. Gratitude for the live and for my friends. Gratitude for the adventures crossing my path. Gratitude for the freedom.

Perhaps freedom should be my word of the day or it could be in the gratitude family. I think so.

Have a wonderful day and may your week be prosperous.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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