Portuguese SAGAS – I lost it completely and confessed the crime!



Portuguese SAGAS – I lost it completely

Usually I am patient and don’t let matters disturb me, i.e. matters that don´t make too much difference for me.

Now I have been living for 7 years in my new land.

I have an apartment that I love with a view to die for. I step out on my balcony and see the mountains and the little villages up there. Here in Portugal we do build houses high up in the mountains because there is not too much lowland. Everywhere we go there are those beautiful little villages, some of them just with few houses, but usually there is a church. A church is a must and also a mini supermarket plus a coffee shop.

Just an ordinary country with all its specialities.

Recently there has been a lot of rain. We need the rain so that is good but the humidity makes it difficult to get your laundry dry, if you don´t have a dryer, which I don´t. Just for my hair of course but not for my laundry.

So, yesterday there was sunshine in the morning and would be sunshine during the day. I was happy and put on the washing machine. She does a good job and I love her like my best friend.

After washing you need to dry your clothes, or at least I do. To make it happen quickly I put up my clothesline and there I was in all my innocence hanging out my pyjamas, enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to fold the laundry in the afternoon and put it inside the wardrobe. Wonderful day ahead, or so I thought.


While enjoying the sunshine in my pyjamas with my hear like a madness after the night the man downstairs appeared, shouting and screaming that I was pouring water onto HIS balcony.

There was no water running from my clothes. The washing machine did a good job spinning and no water comes from my laundry.

This man has been my neighbour downstairs for 7 years. He had been beating up his wife until she divorced him and took the children away. He did beat up his mother, and has his whole life. He found a handicapped young girl and took her in. Screaming at her and beating was what I heard every night when they came home. Eventually her father took her away and she has not been back for some week.

The man does not just beat them up, he also screams and bangs doors and furniture and god knows what. He keeps us up. We cannot sleep. The neighbours call the police, they come and talk to him, he gets fined and the next day he starts again.

2 nights ago he kept me awake the whole night. The police came again and again. Nothing worked. This was the day before, or rather the night before, yesterday so while I was enjoying the sunshine and hanging my laundry I had not slept.

It took me a while to decide what to do about the idiots screaming.

Should I just let it be like I have done the last 7 years?

Should I do something?

He went one and suddenly I lost it.

I shouted at him in Icelandic.

He shouted and told me to speak Portuguese because he did not understand English.

Usually I don´t swear, I don´t know how to do it in Portuguese but I know how to do it in Icelandic. It took a little while to get the words into my brain and then I was there:

I am not going to repeat what I said, but I can tell you got it without any restrictions. He looked at me, told his friend who had been there during the night with him that this was the crazy foreigner!

The friend stepped to the handrail and looked up to see the madwoman.

I just gave him the look.

When finishing hanging my pyjamas and the clothes I wanted to put outside my balcony I just finished with the smaller things on my thing inside the balcony.

The madman kept on screaming and pointing to the water running onto HIS balcony from MY laundry.


After putting on some clothes, combing my hair and making me decent I went to the police station to confess the crime.

There was no way I would let the mad idiot go there and complain, and telling them how horrible the foreigner is.

I spoke to my wonderful friends at the police station.

I said to them that I needed to confess. I had committed a crime and was pleading guilty. I told them I had put my laundry out to dry and even got a picture to prove my point.

They know the idiot. They told me not to worry and call them if he abused me like this again.

This morning I woke up after a wonderful peaceful sleep during the night. No screaming or banging or shouting downstairs.

While thinking about this my conclusion is that I have never heard the women he has been abusing, make a sound. I think he has never experienced a mad foreigner or in that case no mad woman shouting and screaming at him while he is at it.

It will be interesting to see how the next week will be. Will he dare to do something to make the mad one, me, angry again?

I felt quite good after screaming in Icelandic at the idiot but it is likely not very good for my health. The blood pressure went up, but oh how it was worth it.

I have long arms, and I have a very high soprano voice. The question is who shouts louder and who is going to let this madness go on?

There is no way that he will ever do this to me again without me calling the police.

Today is a wonderful day, sunny and bright. I am proud of myself and what a joy to see him leave this morning without a sound.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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