The real estate agency I visited yesterday

25th of January 2018

Yesterday I went to a real estate agency in Miranda do Corvo here in Portugal.

Since I am going to move and my apartment is not going with me I have to find someone to sell it for me.

I have never sold anything here in my land so I thought it would be a good idea to gather some information. Wouldn’t you do the same?

5 or 6 years ago I spoke to an agent who was selling the apartment opposite mine. She was and is Portuguese. I intended to talk to her yesterday.

Unfortunately she was in the office but there were 2 people.

One youngish man and an elderly woman. I am not going to say old, but that might be the correct word.

The lady was busy when I came in and the youngish man asked me after a while if he could help.

I told him he might and then I began gathering information, or trying to.

The man was ok, he did not give away too much info but at least he was willing to talk even though paying attention to his computer.

Why are they always looking at their computers when talking to people? I asked myself.

Anyway, the lady, stopped being busy and came into the conversation.

I asked some questions and she was not willing to give me the information I wanted. Too much information was definitely not her stile.

After a while I said to the lady I did not like being spoken “down” to.

She looked at me like I was an idiot.

The feeling I had, sitting in front of those people:

that I was in school and had been summoned to the headmaster. I had definitely done something very wrong and now I would be punished.

The lady told me she lived in Penela.

I live in Penela and I know the foreigners who live there. This one was not the one I knew.

Oh yes she had been living in Portugal for 20 something years and knew everything.

Of course she does not live in Penela, she lives in the Municipal of Penela.

Poor thing. She did not know that it makes me furious when people say they live in my village but live somewhere outside and sometimes quite far away.

I know who she is and I even know where she lives. She lives close to Espinahl. I pass her house when I go to Miranda do Corvo and Semide or even if I go to Espinahl.

How do I know?

I spoke to her husband on Facebook some years ago. Her husband is the one registered for the estate agency, I think.

I left the place furious and disappointed.

I will never enter their door again. NEVER.

I am not looking for a proper agency where I can go without the feeling of being in the way.

What company is this, you might ask.

According to the card they gave me the name is:


I am grown up and I don´t need arrogant brits to talk to me like I am a 5 year old who does not understand anything.


Some time ago, maybe 2 weeks more or less, I went into an agency in Coimbra which I happened to pass. There I asked for some information and everyone was willing to help me. They told me among other things that they just handled with properties in Coimbra, but they gave me some idea where to go with my apartment.

I went to Miranda do Corvo yesterday because of the nice Portuguese lady I had met 6 years ago. She was not there; just the brits and they put me off. Most likely the old one is not too bright and does not like to be asked too many questions. I have no idea and I don´t care. There are too many nice Portuguese people in my land and I don´t need the arrogant foreigners, which some of them are. There are of course some nice foreigners but there are also some really not nice and I have had them passing my way sometimes during these 7 years, but thank god for the nice Portuguese ones who I consider to be my friends.

Well, who was it that tried to sink the little boats in the ocean around Iceland? They even used their army to get their way, but of course the Icelandic fishermen did not lose. The empire, the arrogant one, lost badly.

Have I forgiven them? No I have not and never will.

Hulda Björnsdóttir




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