Portuguese SAGAS – My new Gymnasium

18th of January 2018

Portuguese SAGAS – My new gym

Being fit is important for me.

Being healthy is also important.

Healthy food, exercise and good spirit are the 3 most important things to fulfil this goal.

I cannot brag about being the healthiest woman on earth but what I can brag about is that for 2 years, really long 2 years, I was terrible sick and in a way fighting for my live every day.

With the help of wonderful doctors, friends and many others I recovered.

I would not have been able to do this on my own. I needed my friends and they did not let me down.

Now I have found one more piece to help on my wonderful road to recovery. My Gym. My new Gym.

I have missed my wonderful Gym in Condeixa, Korpos, and I have missed my friends from there. Korpos closed and now I needed to find something that was similar. A friendly atmosphere and a place where I could feel like I belonged.

I spoke to my physiotherapists and they suggested I tried FIT AND FUN in Coimbra, and I did.

I have to tell you that I am happy. The gym is not a fancy gym for the highest class of the society. It is for normal people. For people like you and me. The staff is friendly, nothing fake there, just genuine friendly atmosphere.

When I see some new coaches they come and say hello, they ask if I am ok, they smile and they care and they tell me their names.

I feel like I am home again. It is the same feeling I had in Korpos in Condeixa. There I was one of the gang. I was not an outsider. Of course I was the oldest one but that did not make any difference. I still keep in touch with some of my friends from my old gym and when we meet either on the street or in the supermarket it is always like seeing a dear old friend.

My expectations to my new gym are the same as I experienced in my first gym here in my little land.

I am grateful for taking the step to go to FIT AND FUN. In the beginning I was going to be there in the morning but I changed my mind. Now I go in the afternoon, at four o’clock and yesterday I came early and took a 20 minutes’ walk around the area. There is so much to explore.

At the moment I go 3 times per week but next month I will change and go 5 times a week. Now I am getting to know the place, getting used to the machines and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere.

If you are close to Coimbra I highly recommend this Gym. It is everything you want to be in your surroundings when and if you need your fitness more vigour and you want to nourish your mind as well.

Having fun while strengthening your muscles is vital. The fun is just a part of your life. You don´t want to be unhappy while struggling to lift few kilos or many kilos. You want to be happy and have fun. That is what happens in my new gym.

I am posting some pictures I took yesterday just to show you the friendly atmosphere.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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