Portuguese SAGAS – The new year

4th of January 2018

Happy new year to you

I hope the year 2018 will be prosperous and happy for everyone.

In reality not everyone can be happy but at least good wishes don´t make it worse.

Last year has been adventurous in my reality. Some months have been better than others but the end amazing.

I could write a long article about sickness and disappointments but that would not make me happy and you the reader just sad.

My new year will be different.

I am going to leave the violence in the condominium as soon as possible. It makes no sense to live with people you are not living with that can keep you in the claws of their misery. The man downstairs is not going to change. He will find another woman to live with and abuse even though the one he was with before Christmas has been taken away. He will continue his madness no matter what I do or don´t do in my apartment above him. Lack of insolence and I hear every word and every smack.

I have found a land in the north.

It is beautiful, has a wonderful view to the mountains and there won’t be built houses in front of mine.

The neighbours are great and the village peaceful and welcoming.

I spent my Christmas and the last days of the year embraced by this community with a wonderful family who has accepted me like one of them.

What more could I wish for? Nothing!

There are regulations and rules in my country to follow and now I have to figure out if I could build a house on the land I found. This will take some time and all information gathered before is a bonus.

In the little village church I sang and it was an adventure to build on and help me develop my love for singing.

Singing helps in many ways. It helps your spirit and your mind. It helps your body and when you are singing your soul is naked. Being able to stand with your soul naked in front of a friendly congregation is an experience never to be forgotten.

The year 2018 will be exciting. I have decided so and am putting my mind to it. The mind is powerful and we should not underestimate it.

What we think becomes the reality.

Thinking positive makes everything easy and joy will fill the live even though some hurdles may kick up and hand you a new challenge and growth will follow.

Today is the 4th day of January. Already 3 days gone. Time flies. It is important to use each and every one to the limit. There is no limit. There are just opportunities and the ability to see them.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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