Happy New Year

29th of December 2017

This will be my last post on WordPress this year.



I just want to say thank you to all those who have followed me and commented on my blogs. I also want to say thank you to those who just like my blogs and I want to say thank you to those who send me personal messages and tell me what they think.

These responses are of course encouraging and I appreciate them.

Tomorrow I will go north again and spend the New Year with my friends there.

The Portuguese New Year’s celebrations are different from other countries and quite wonderful.

My first blog will be about these amazing celebrations with some photos from everything.

Today and the last 2 days have been difficult.

My neighbour downstairs is not quite normal. He has been behaving worse these days than some other days, but nothing unique.

The police came, and they came again during the night. Eventually he slowed down but not quite.

Today I went to Coimbra and when I came back the police were there again. Now it was the father of the girl who has been living with the madman. The father took the girl home. I am not sure what happened but before I left, since 8 in the morning the mad one had been shouting and screaming and hitting the girl. Maybe she called for help. I don´t know. I really hope she will not come again. If she does she might end her life in the apartment downstairs.

This is horrible and the police cannot do anything. They fine the guy. He does not pay. They fine him again and he still does not pay.

It is not even his apartment although he lives there. The wife who divorced him some time ago and took the children with her wants to sell the apartment. Her uncle is guarantor on the mortgage and he is the one who pays. It is strange how the law works here sometimes but the uncle does not have a choice. If he did not pay the bank would make him one way or another.

Living next to someone like this man is not easy and sometimes I am scared to death. I have tried to sell my apartment but that is not possible. No one wants to buy so I gave up and decided to see through this. The apartment is beautiful and if it was not for the one downstairs it would be fine.

Well this is life.

I may sing again in the mass on the New Year’s Day but have not yet decided what, not quite at least. I will figure it out tomorrow maybe.

So, my disappointment this time is how many Christmas greetings I got from my father’s family. I did not expect many from my mother’s side but nothing from the other side is a disappointment. It is more important to share a soup recipe on Facebook than taking a moment to say something to the lady who everyone was so willing to know when she was leaving for China. What a wonderful pack. Of course I should not be surprised. Having been the outcast from the beginning should have prepared me.

No, the disappointment is there at this moment but tomorrow I won’t give a damn. Life goes on and friends make up for the lack of blood.

Sounds a bit sad but it is not.

I have to accept this is how life is and just go on. There are those who matter and there are those who are not even worth of a thought.

I am excited about the coming year.

Now I am healthy again and can make plans. I still don´t know if I will ever be able to board a plane but I would like to go to China and see my people there. Maybe next year will help my heart to function, who knows.

I will spend a month in May up north in my land and that will be amazing.

Just continuing to write will also make me happy and I hope I can finish the fiction “The outcast”. That would be an accomplishment.

Then it is the book about China and my life there. It is well on way and most likely be published next year or the beginning of 2019.

There are places I want to see here in Portugal which I have not yet. Among them is the Blue Budda garden. That will be something.

Then just hopping into my car and driving wherever my mind takes me is always an adventure.

Continuing my singing lessons will also be wonderful and it makes me happy.

Then it is the new Gymnasium where some of my old comrades from Condeixa are training. I saw one of them the other day and it is always a joy meeting them.

I wish you, who read this and are not my family, happy New Year and hope it will be prosperous.

I thank you again for following my blogs and taking time to read my thoughts shared with you.

I will always be honest, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Sometimes I may be joyful and sometimes angry.

Few times I have written in Icelandic and the reason is the horrible situation some people have to go through there. I may find another way to publish my Icelandic blogs but please bear with me my foreign followers.

Happy New Year and thank you.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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