The OUTCAST (fiction) – Chapter 55

The OUTCAST – fiction – chapter 55

Gratitude is what she is contemplating on this evening.

There is so much to be grateful for.

Who could have thought being the outcast would be embraced as a gift?

What a wonderful life all the moments of despair have brought to her.

Gratitude to the family that did not want her and did everything they could to renounce her.

Gratitude to the sisters who crossed the street to avoid meeting the 10 year old bastard.

Gratitude to the sister who told her how the brother despised her, the brother the outcast thought loved her,.

Gratitude to the brother she loved with all her heart, the alcoholic who she had to pick up from the floor, where he lay in his vomit, dead from alcohol drinking.

Gratitude to the mother who gave her this life. Without the mother she would not have become what she is today.

Gratitude to the children who tried to make her look like a monster.

Gratitude to the friends who stood by her side, always.

Gratitude to the boss who asked if she was really going to help the children who had treated her like shit.

Gratitude to the wonderful people she had met throughout her life, the people who never left and never believed the lies.

Gratitude to the daughter who stole from her money and proved to her that money makes the thief the monster.

Gratitude for being alive despite all the horrors.

Gratitude for being able to turn disaster into happiness.

Gratitude for being able to see through all the lies and let them pass.

Gratitude for those who did not believe the lies and stood by her until death separate them.

What a glorious night and what a glorious life for the outcast.

Everything turned out just as it should. The disasters, the lies, the love, the hate from others, all this made the outcast strong like a rock.

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