The OUTCAST – fiction – chapter 5

The sun was shining and it put kisses on her cheeks.

She was 3 years old.

The mother gave her a coin and the little girl got permission to go to the shop on the corner to buy a candy.

This was a fortune and not often that the little one got a shining coin for treats.

She ran out of the house, towards the shop, which was just a few meters away.

She fell.

She hurt her knee. There was a lot a blood.

She was almost at the shop.

The coin, that she kept in her tiny palm, bounced away, far away.

She was just a little girl and now her world collapsed. She saw a lot of blood. A lot of blood.

She made it home, crying, and the mother took her in her arms, scolded her a bit but when she saw the blood she said:

We need your father now!

The father was just next door; his house was a few meters away. Yes heard the girl screaming. His little girl, and he came over.

He smelled of cigars and medicine.

They put her on the kitchen table. She screamed. He looked at the knee. Some stiches needed here, he said. The little one did not know what that meant, but she knew that when the father came over she was always put to bed and the door closed. He closed the door. She did not like to closed door. She was afraid of the dark and she did not like here father who let her stay alone in the dark, while he was talking to the mother.

The mother never closed the door.

Sometimes the mother was working when the little girl went to bed but she never, never closed the door. The door was always open and she could hear her mother using the sowing machine and she could see the light.

It was just the father that closed the door, when he came over, most of the time in the evening when she was already in bed, and he always, always, closed the door.

Now the little girl just wanted to be in her mother’s arms and cry. Why did the father have to come when she was in so much pain and there was so much blood? So much red blood!

The problem was that the father and the doctor were the same man.

Now it was not dark outside.

Maybe it would not be dark in the room if he closed the door.

The doctor made the stiches and left.

He did not have to talk to the mother this time.

That was good.

She was safe.

The little one got another coin and went to the shop, now with the mother. They bought 2 candies, one for the mother and one for herself.

The sun shone again.

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