It is a sad day so far, but there are shining clouds also!

26th of August 2022

It is a new day and soon there will be a new month.

I woke up in the morning sad and almost crying.

Yesterday was not a good day but it was not a bad day. It was just a day that I don’t want to remember.

Today is the first day in a very long time that there is no fire in my little land. That is good.

Today is the day I got the letter from my pension fund, the public one, and was told that I should pay back more than half of my pension next month because they had let me have too much last year.

I knew this was coming but it felt real when I saw the letter and I cryed.

Now I have had breakfast and the day is already beginning to pass.

The sun is shining and new flowers are not suffering too much in the heat but the afternoon will be very hot. I truly hope the fires wont start again in my little land.

68 people have already been caught for lighting the fires. There are more out there and the problem is that those who are caught are released within days if they ever have to spend one day in prison.

My life is a mess this morning and I am trying to hold my head high but it is difficult, I admit that.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to all the persons in the Icelandic parliament about the unjust how they treat my pension from my private fund. I did not expect any one of the 63 to reply but I have got two replies already. One that does not come as a surprise and he has already done something to try to solve the case. The other was from someone who was going to look into the matter if he had time! Seriously!

Anyway, I have decided to write about the poor situation those who are the middle class or lover in the Icelandic system and how they are treated by the government which is for the rich and only for the rich.

I feel it is my duty to take up the thread again and perhaps it will take my mind from my messy situation which I can not do anything about.

I am supposed to be grateful for every day. I am trying but today is a dark day.

This month is almost over, thank god for that.

A new month is arriving and how it will turn out I have no idea.

Being in a situation that seems to be hopeless is not good but behind every cloud there is always a shining star. I know that.

I will survive.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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