Make the effort

19th of April 2022

The month is almost over!

Time does not stand still.

Yesterday was a day of adventure and the weather in my little land was bright again after the yellow dust from Sahara.

My car had a bath but is still a bit dirty even though the machine tried its best.

It was amazing to come home in 21 degrees and felt like the spring was already here, but there are few more weeks of the cold weather and today its windy and normal.

I was thinking about all the quick solutions about how you can become fit in few days and how you can get younger simply by putting on some cream!

The problem is that some people believe the ads.

There is a tea that gives a lot of money to those who sell it, or so they say, and I know a little about how the system works and its not quite what I appreciate and I wonder how much tax the sellers pay of all their weekly gain!

The pictures you are shown are before and after drinking the power amazing tea that changes your body just in few weeks.

I don´t know much, but I thought that your skin would not be firm just by drinking something for few days.

Don´t you need to train or strengthen your muscles to support the skin, the skin that got bigger and bigger while you got fatter and fatter? Mi just asking?

Could you take a pill to make you happy?

Could you taka a pill or drink a coffee or a tea to make you sing like an angel?

Could you taka a pill or drink coffee to fall in love?

I know these questions are strange but all the quick solutions are just as strange in my opinion.

There are no quick solutions.

Those who tell you that are cheating you and want your money.

Every part of your life gets better if you make an effort to make it better. It takes time.

It takes time and practise to become a good singer or a musician.

It takes time and practise to get firm body.

It takes time and practise to get piece of mind in a difficult situation

It takes time and effort to make a relationship work.

It takes time and effort to make a good food.

If you make the time and effort, you can be whatever you put your mind to.

You invest in your time and your effort and you pay your taxes to the community to support the land you live in.

You feel good when you reap the fruits of your effort and stop being disappointed by the quick solo tins that don´t work.

My advice is: Make the effort and you will feel the joy!

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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