Trust issues !

18. August 2021

Trusting people can be complicated.

Trust is based on actions, not words.

I do trust people until they show me by their actions that they are not worthy of my trust. Does this sound familiar?

Have you experienced that someone promises you something and just few days the promise is broken?

You believe the excuses and take them at their value.

When the same promise is broken again and again, what do you do?

Do you keep believing the excuses?

Do you trust the person again and again?

I have those issues with people who promise and break their promises again and again and tell me that I am just jumpy and grumpy and this was nothing and has no meaning!

If I promise you something I keep my promise.

If I have for some reason to break my promise, I tell you.

I explain why I can not keep my promise and I ask you to try to understand, but I always explain why!

This is what I expect from others.

Is that reasonable or am I just a grumpy lady who don´t understand how live is?

It could be!

It could also be that I am just claiming respect, or could it not?

In all relationships respect and trust are the foundation in my opinion.

It does not matter if it is friendship, love, brotherhood, siblings or whatever. Respect and trust are the foundation.

When those 2 breaks everything is broken, or that is my opinion.

I’m lucky, I live on my own. I am independent and can do whatever comes into my mind without asking anyone for permission.

I can hop into my car and drive to wherever I want to drive.

I am a privileged woman.

I sometimes think about changing my life and perhaps sharing it with somebody but the brakes are on.

Why should I?

Why should I not just be happy like I am at the moment, living my life, or the rest of it, which is not that long, in peace and harmony with myself and not having to be afraid of broken promises that hurt?

Yes, that is the question. Why change?

I have in fact no idea. I am contemplating if I should change anything or if I just stay in the same box. I will always be hurt in one way or another, that’s just life, but I can control how it affects me.

I have a lot to think about.

Big steps need big jumps.


I am lucky. I have someone in my life that doesn’t take any rubbish. This person knows how to handle me and how to teach me to trust. Will I have trust issues always? I don’t know but I do know that I have someone beside me that really knows me well and knows how to get the best of me without hurting me.

 I said before that I was contemplating on if I should change anything or if I should just stay in the box. I am going to step out of the box I know and into another full of adventures and lessons.

I am going to live my life alive!

Thank you for reading my thoughts and perhaps you are dealing with something similar in your mind. I believe it is all in my mind and I can change how I think and how I act. That is the beauty of living.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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