Have I got the power to control my life?

17 th of August 2021

Just a thought in the middle of the day.

I wonder how much we think about our part in the progress of life.

Do we think about how our mind works?

Do we think about how powerful our mind is?

When we are sad and don´t see the light ahead or not even in the far future, we tend to be negative and I wonder if it is possible that we could change our mindsets and be optimistic whatever is happening in your life.

I wonder if it makes any difference if I wake up in the morning dreading the day or if I wake up and look forward to whatever is ahead.

I believe in the power of positive thinking so I wake up in the morning and my first thought is: This will be a great day!

It is only me that has the choice to make my life horrible or beautiful. It has nothing to do with money, it has to do with mindset.

Living the life alive is my motto. It is my choice.

I am sometimes frustrated and I am sometimes worried, but I always know what is happening in my mind and I take action.

I love planning. I thrive on planning. It makes me happy and excited and I am truly very good at it.

Few years ago, I had a dream. I was on my way to fulfil the dream but it did not come true. Yesterday I suddenly realised why it did not come true. I was on the brakes. I truly in my deepest subconsciousness did not want it to become true.

Strange how the mind works. During this process I hurt some people. I felt they had let me down and I left them without any explanation. That was not nice of me and I am ashamed of having left but that was the reality.

My protection during my life has been when someone hurts me or I feel hurt is that I leave.

It has always been just leaving.

Now I have learned a new way. I stay and I talk about why I feel unhappy or hurt. I listen to the other side and it might surprise you but I truly listen to the advice and follow it. It is not always easy but I am practising and getting better every day. The affect is that I am not as afraid as before of being hurt and I am stronger.

I am lucky to have a person in my life that does not let me get away with any nonsense.

It takes courage to look yourself in the eye and ask if you are truly honest to your self or if you are fleeing once again. I have tried fleeing but I can’t get away with it, and that makes me grateful.

When I realised my dream had not come true because I did not want it to, I now took the dream up again and looked at it. Would it solve my problems? I asked myself. The answer is YES it would.

Am I willing to do everything in my power to make it real? is another question.

Yes, now I am.

The process has begun. It is all about visualising the end result and believing. Simple and easy.

There are people who believe in God and think he takes care of everything. Maybe he does, I don´t know. I on the other hand believe in the power of the universe and the power of love.

Attitude is another key. I can complain about all the bills I have to pay simply to keep me warm and have light and gas and internet and so on. I can also be grateful for all those things and see my paying the bills as a contribution to the companies.

I see my taxes as a contribution to the society I live in. I find them rather high sometimes but when thinking about how much I get in service and different things from my society I feel happy to be able to participate.

My question was how much we think about our part in the progress of life?

I have replied. I think our part is everything. We can pray to God for help and we can believe he takes care of everything, or we can control our minds and send the positive thoughts out to the universe and that might be what works.

I am living my dream just now. I am seeing my dream come true. Part of it is already there and the continuation is there. I am happy with the progress so far and I am looking forward to the future with all my heart and my soul is rejoicing.

There is not a doubt and no hesitation. Forward and nothing else.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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