Happiness is the road !

18 th of July 2021

Good morning everyone.

Today is a Sunday and the heat is not unbearable as the last few days.

The sun woke up late and is struggling to stay awake. What a relief it is!

I have changed my habits and now I get up very early in the morning, brush my teeth and put on some clothes and my morning walk is on.

It takes me about 30 minutes now to walk the same one and that’s quite good. I am recovering well and will be perfect in September.

Its 29 degrees now in my little village but still fresh.

The depression feeling is gone.

I did talk to my loved one and I cried a bit and that was my healing.

Now I feel just happy and waiting for the next moment with joy and happiness.

Nothing has changed in my world, its still Covid and its still summer.

My opinion is that ups and downs are normal. The ups are better and we want them to be there all the time and perhaps we learn more about our selves when the downs are stronger.

I learned that I have people in my life that support me and love me when I need them if I just tell them how much I need them.

Life is a lesson and I love learning.

I’m going to say this once more: Covid is both good and bad. The pandemic as such is a horrible time but on the other hand it has taught us so much. It has made us realize the importance of communications, and the lack of it.

It might have been a wakeup call for some of us.

It has taught me that it is ok to feel lonely and loneliness is a very strange and new feeling for me.

Normally I have been content and happy with my life just as it is each time of the road but now I have experienced the pain of feeling lonely and that has made me more understanding to those who suffer from this feeling.

When looking back to yesterday I am simply grateful and happy. When looking for the next moment I feel excited, happy and content.

The only time I have any control over is this moment, the moment while I am writing my thoughts and my feelings and being absolutely open and honest. What more is there to wish for?

The year will be over before I know it.

I know next year will be different.

I don´t know how the different will look but I know it is there and I am excited.

I am entering a new life. I am entering a new future. I am enjoying the unknown and I am thanking for the now.

Love and gratitude walk hand in hand. They are the best feelings to have and they are the feelings I am watering and caring for every day just like a beautiful flower.

Outside my balcony the trees are swaying back and forth like a dancing couple. The wind is the music and now its slow and romantic.

I dearly love my little land and all its beauty.

I dearly love my friends in my little land that have been there for me always every step of the way.

I dearly love the greatest love of my life which entered effortlessly and unexpectedly but made everything look brighter and exciting.

People enter your life all the time.

Some are supposed to stay and some are supposed to leave.

Some are keepers and some are not.

Its not until you feel the change in yourself that you really know what a wonderful feeling love is.

When the unexpected is in front of you and your eyes are open a miracle will happen.

If your eyes are closed nothing will change.

A good friend of mine tells me that my life is an example of how to live the life alive!

Those words of his I keep in my heart and think about often. They follow me and they remind me that being alive means both feeling good and feeling not so good but it is always up to me to choose the path.

My path is towards happiness.

My path is full of love and gratitude.

My path will sometimes enter sadness and regret but I will always rise up again.

My path is with someone that loves me unconditionally and knows more about me and my feelings than anyone else in the world.

Happiness is the road.

Hulda Bjornsdottir

ps: why am I writing about my thoughts? Because someone might need to hear my words, that´s what makes me share my thoughts with you.

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