Recovery day 13

26th of May 2021

Slowly I walk towards recovery and the patience is on high alert!

13 days is not a long time but when it includes being locked upstairs inside the apartment it is a very long time, or so I think.

The stairs are my dream

Walking down, slowly one step at a time and making it down and perhaps through the front door and being able to say hello to the stolen pot garden !

I was supposed to go down on Friday but now I think it is a wise decision to wait at least 2 days. Something is not quite like I would think it should be and waiting 2 more days is ok.

Its getting warmer in my little land and today was heaven on earth. 25 degrees and sunshine. In the morning I sat at my balcony licking the sun and bathing my face without a mask. What more can I really wish for?

Tomorrow my friend will bring the veggies and he is going to bring bananas as well, Madeira bananas which I don’t like but I am going to be grateful for them. There will come time in few weeks when I can go and buy my favourite ones.

A neighbour takes care of my post box and another one takes the rubbish down. Quite a system and now, or very soon I need to ask someone to help me change my bed!

I find it really difficult to be so helpless. I am used to be able to take care of everything myself and not needing to ask for help. Everyone is willing to help its just me that has this asking phobia!

When I woke up the day before yesterday I thought I might have to go to the urgency and made sure everything was ready, that’s why the things are on the chair in the hall. Luckily I did not have to go and the recovery is still strong.

Yesterday a old woman passed away in the neighbourhood. She has been sick for a long time and many years since I saw her last time walking slowly around our road. I have never seen the process when someone passes away and it was enlightening. The IMA came, the police came, the undertaker came and finally the coffin arrived. The coffin was left outside the apartment, it could not be inside and that meant the undertakers carried the lady in a bag into the coffin. Of course everything was done with respect and her final journey began. I assume the funeral was today and how she is in heaven free from her pain.

Life is sometimes just a learning process and that is what I feel is happening in mine now. I am learning to be patient and to ask for help.

I am truly happy and everything is going well. I do love my life and the adventure is happening every moment. It was my birthday the 22nd and now I have to remember a new year when asked.

As I always say, age is just a number, it has nothing to do with your happiness. I don’t feel my age. My body needs maintenance just like my car and that is why I had this surgery. All in all I am healthy and after perhaps 2 months or so I can start training with my favourite personal trainer in my favourite GYM in Condeixa.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

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