Recovering after surgery can be fun

24 th of May 2021

Patience and optimism are important companions during this road

Now 3 days until I am allowed to walk down 20 something steps to the front door of my condominium.

Food is an important part of the recovery. Good healthy food which I make myself is my preference.

Mental state of mind is second to the food.

Beautiful food with lots of colours is my favourite. Sometimes quick and easy but sometimes more complicated.

Normally I don’t like pasta too much but the potatoes are gone so something had to replace them.

Pasta, feta cheese, tunafish, tomato sauce and pineapple is in my dish today plush the soup of course.

My grill pan doesn’t leave the stove. My Wook also has its place and sits there happy waiting to be used.

Patience and optimism are the main goals today.

Happiness is inside me and love embracing me.

What more can I wish for this moment?

Hulda Bjornsdottir

Author: hulda9

I do blog about different matters that interest me. By reading my blogs you might get to know me a little bit but fake accounts and followers will be deleted immediately. There is a lot of fake accounts these days and people don´t hesitated to tell you all kinds of lies. Please be careful when you accept a friend request or if you get a call from Whatsap.

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