All colours of the skin are equal !

6th of June 2020

What is love? we sometimes ask

Love has many faces. It can be love for another person, for a pet, for a country and even for yourself. What I know about love is limited, but I know it feels good, it can be exciting and it can be painful. I am slowly learning to love myself to be able to love others, I think. I am on the road every day, I am getting closer and closer every minute but sometimes the question arrives: Why are you doing this? Why don´t you just be like you are and be happy about that? My reply is this: It feels so good to love and I don´t want to loose that feeling. It makes me happy and it makes me a better person. It even makes me sexier which is a huge bonus.

So my conclusion is:

I will continue to explore what love is and I will learn more.
One day I might even reach that far to allow someone else to love me for who I am! That will be the day!

Now we are all apart. Now is the time to nourish the love for each other. Now is the time to remember that all colours of the skin are equal and all deserve the same amount of love.

Let us spread the love. Let us make every nation equal and lets love our fellow human beings.

That would be my prayer today !

Hulda Björnsdóttir


Author: hulda98

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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