Thank you for your birthday greetings yesterday

23rd of May 2020

Good morning my friends

I want to begin this morning by saying THANK YOU for the wonderful birthday wishes you sent me yesterday.

In isolation and having a great birthday is complicated but you all made it something I will remember forever.

The love and caring from you all made my day.

Now a new beginning starts and your thoughts will follow me.

Thank you all from my heart.

Now a new chapter starts.

What does it have in store for me?

Will my life be different this year or what?

Having friends all around the world is amazing.  I am lucky be be embraced by you all when needed and I thank you.

I got one message yesterday that described the situation perfectly. On these days of social distance the hugs are the words!  So true and the picture shows a couple hugging, one is human and the other one is words, shaped like a person.

I tried to reply to all the messages I got and I think I managed well. Sitting there and thinking about the friend I was replying to made me feel embraced with love.

The moment is now! I’m trying to figure it out!

The excitement is I have no idea about to morrow and I even don´t know about the next hour! What will I be doing the next hour is the future, the only thing I know that now I am writing this to you and listening to music.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are my friend!


Hulda Björnsdóttir



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