To be or not to be !

These days there is a lot of talk about OLD people.

I let it irritate me. Why?

Because I know people who are over 90 doing things that a younger generation would not even dream about.

Age is a just thought.

Being old has nothing to do with age.

You can be old in your 20.

I remember when I was 25 and came across my classmates. Some of them looked old, they dressed old and behaved like old, or perhaps it was supposed to be dignified.

I hate it when people talk to other people according to age and in fact talk down to the older one. Who gave them the right?

Have you heard how some people talk to children? The same way, down. Children are the wisest individuals sometimes and they never stop asking questions.

As I said, I have a friend, who has 90 years behind her and she is writing books, travelling from continent to continent and doing all kinds of exciting things that the majority of younger generation has never had the courage to do.

I think this phrase: How many years do you have? is a very good one. We use it here in Portugal and I like it.

If we, human beings, take good care of us, eat healthy, exercise, and think positive and contemplate, our brains will continue working like when we were 20 years.

I refuse to dress according to age. There are no boundaries and no one has the power to tell me that I have to buy clothes like my grandmother used or even my mother. I shop everywhere. If I like the dress and it fits me and I feel good in it I buy it.

I was shopping underwear and the girl asked me what I was looking for? Something sexy, I told her. We found something amazing and few days later I came to tell her how perfect the things were. There had been a staff meeting in the morning in the shop and I had been discussed as a perfect example of a modern smart woman. How great was that!  Why should i buy ugly underwear just because of my age? I´m fit and slim and can wear anything I want.

Just get over it!

So, as you see, I am on the rebellion age.

If you want to talk down to me because I have some years behind me go somewhere else.

Remember: I am an intelligent woman who does what she wants. I have got more courage than many of you will ever have. I am a human being like no one else and I love it.

Does it sound arrogant?

Hah, look at your life, look at the track you are in and you never leave. Look at the box you have built for you and how wonderful it is.

Maybe I am arrogant, but I am not stupid and I feel amazingly good.

When I get old I will die.

This is my thought for today and tomorrow there will be another one.


Because I think!

I don´t just survive. I am, and that is the choice: To be or not to be.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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