I’m happy today and I give me permission to love!

27.april 2020

Why am I happy now?

How can I be happy at the horrible time we are living?

If I try to explain why I lack words.

I am just happy and content.

I love my life and I love my friends, some more than others.

I got a gift when I was made.

I adjust and tolerate and make the most of every situation.

I am lucky to have dear friends that support me through thick and thin.

I am lucky to be able to learn from the past and accept me like I am, not like you or someone else would like me to be.

My past is a gift. My past is my lessons learned. Some lessons I have completed and others not.

My present is one day at a time in a world that is collapsing and I have no power to change anything, except my life. I have adjusted and sometimes I find it hard and I miss the hugs and kisses but I know the future will be different.

In the future I will be able to hug and kiss my friends and my love might grow for everyone just because we will be free.

The future is later today and it is tomorrow and every day I have left on this earth.

Love is a good feeling. Love for life, love for the nature, love for the lessons and love for the wisdom. Love is not just a feeling for another person but that is perhaps the most precious feeling.

Loving you makes me feel whole and perfect just like I am. I know you know my shortcomings and I know you love me anyway. My love for you is strong and exciting, something I have never found before and I am grateful for having you in my life and making me more, not less. When I feel your touch and see your smile I am happy.

My reader!

Try to contemplate about the love you have for something or someone.

Figure out if it makes you happy or sad and when you have your life will be complete.

Changes are good and they are exciting. Sometimes you know what you want and sometimes you don´t. In the end there is always a result and it will have made you more, not less.

We are all here on this earth to learn to be a better or a different person. Embrace the lessons life presents to you and you will be happier tomorrow than you are today.

Hulda Björnsdóttir


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