Thank you my people in my little land, for helping me today!

14th of April 2020

A strange day is almost over here in my little land.

I have been worried about the certificate I need for the authorities in Iceland, the one that proves I´m not dead!

I have to send this to Iceland every year so they know that I am not cheating on the system getting my pension sent to heaven!

Now everything is closed and I have tried to talk to those who usually give me this certificate but not being able to reach them.

Today I went to the camera here in Penela and asked for help. As always there was nothing but love and support and they helped me to reach the manager that runs the system I needed to contact.

Next Thursday I will be able to go with my paper to the office and get my certificate next week, I hope.

Being in a country where everyone is willing to help you if you are in need is amazing and I can not thank enough for where I am.

The situation is horrible here, just as everywhere else in the world but the support is also everywhere.

My problem was not big, but there are others who have a huge problem and they will get the help they need, I am sure of it. My fellow country men in my little land are like that. We help each other. When I take my walks I normally meet perhaps one person and we do talk a little, keeping the distance. They always ask if I need anything and they tell me to call them if there anything they can do to make my life more normal in a situation that  is far from normal.

Today I am grateful.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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