Don´t befriend everyone that asks you on Facebook. Block those who abuse you!

I have been thinking about the profiles we see on Facebook.

Sometimes there is information and picture of the one you are looking at but sometimes there is almost nothing.

You can not see the friends, you might be able to see common friends but that´s it.

You could see the friends and the common friends but then there is a picture either of a very young person or an animal or something that has nothing to do with the person behind the profile. Could this be a fake profile, you might ask. I do ask myself that question when the information is almost unbelievable.

Why do for example men that are over sixty put a picture as a profile one when they are teenagers? They could in reality be old looking, fat with either grey hair or no hair at all, not handsome at all but the profile picture of them as teens tells another story.

I am not saying that men with grey hair and beard or whatever are not handsome. Many of them are and they should not hide behind a picture from the past. They can have the teen pictures in their collection, just not as a profile, that is my point. Not everyone is good looking but they can be a gold of souls.

Honesty is a virtue in a world with all kinds of abuse and crimes.

I, and this is my opinion,  find it annoying and even offensive when someone asks me to friend at Facebook and the person has info that is unbelievable, either age, picture or complete lack of information. I don´t accept friends like that.

I know that there is a way to figure out who your friends are even though there is not too much info. I am not going to tell you here how, but there is a way, and I have reconsidered some of my friends after seeing who they might be in reality. Blocking people like that is easy and having few healthy good friends is more important to me than having thousands which i never communicate with, know nothing about and who are even dangerous.

Today I did block 2 people. They were abusing me and to stop it immediately I blocked them.

If you experience abuse don´t hesitate to block the person. Be careful who you let become your friend on Facebook. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

Don´t be afraid to decline friendship requests.

Hulda Björnsdóttir

Author: ebemiede2

I do blog about different matters that interest me.

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